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Zachania Tome III (Taster)

Zachania Tome III
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There was a weary and troubled look on the brow of Grarlin; he stood hunched as he listened to the tribal leaders arguing amongst themselves, his usual assertive self was replaced with a look of exhaustion as he tried to take stock of the situation he had now found himself in.
Degrainia the capital city of Degrain was a town under siege, there was panic in the air as everyone feared the imminent onslaught of the Zachanians.
Baron Gragu the tenth Luid of the ancient Tockla tribe was shouting angrily at his men, he was enraged with what was transpiring in Degrain and furious at Grarlin and the Empire for their lack of assistance.
“Why does the Emperor delay?.... Does he want Degrain to fall?” He yelled loudly at Grarlin who just sat down amongst all the bickering.
“Of course it's not what we want, I am here to prove this and what do I find?.... I find a town gripped with panic and despair.”
“You confuse panic with anger Grarlin, where is the help we were promised?...Over half this sacred land is now under control of the wretched Zachanians… when is this help arriving? When will you aid us. when we are all without breath and crushed into the dirt?”
Grarlin bit his lip and looked down at his feet trying to calm himself from the angry manner he had just been spoken to, a moment later after a long breath he replied to the Baron.
“We have already taken steps to save Degrainia, you must trust me on this, Degrainia will be safe.”
“How are we safe? You came alone Grarlin, where is your army?...The Zachanians are in the hills breathing the same Degrainia air as us and alone we still stand, waiting for the attack!”
“You must not worry Gragu, have trust in your Emperor, he has not abandoned you.”
“Shall I tell that to the towns of Harloom and Doofra? They too trusted the Emperor; they waited for help as the Zachanians breached their walls and murdered them in their homes. What shall we say to them?”
Grarlin suddenly jumped up from his chair, baron Gragu’s constant shouting had now stretched his patience too far.
“BE SILENT!.....ACT as a leader and remember the heritage you stem from!....I came here to help you fight!....All I have found is a group of fat Degrainians scared that they might miss their next meal. So you are under attack, so you have lost lives, well so have we, we have been fighting the Zachanians for the past year!.....Enough of you winging Gragu, ready your army and prepare for battle.”
“We will fight Grarlin, we will fight them to the last man, but what do we do with the one they call Talon, he fights with the gods on his side, in his hand he carries the sword of Apollo so how do we fight such divineness’?”

Zachania Tome III
The third and final instalment of the Zachania series is scheduled for release on June 1st.

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