Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Amazon Review Bully or Joker

I am yet again left astounded why anyone would want to leave a bad review for a self publishers hard work. Maybe Amazon should take a long hard look at the review system where sellers can choose which reviews to keep or delete.
At the moment the system is open for manipulation on both sides, authors can find ways to put up five star reviews and also authors can put up 1 star reviews on fellow authors books which they feel threatened by him.

I have just received another 1 star review which is absolutely trying to destroy me, WHY? I suspect it is another author whom is trying to sabotage my hard work.
self publishers are what they are! Most of us are not in the position to hire editors who work for around a dollar fifty a page. we offer an alternative work where you have full protection if you find your not happy with the item.

The bad review left for me criticizes my grammar in every sense available,misspellings, poor parallelism, illogical dialogue, misplaced punctuation, you name it the reviewer has added it.
So if he hated my style of writing so much then why did he buy the book in the first place?
Amazon is heavily weighted on the side of the buyer, which most authors appreciate.
so why when you can read the first four chapters for free? and receive a full refund if you are unhappy, do you feel the need to destroy someone's hard work.
it just does not make sense to me" 

If the following was true
I was claiming my work to be as good as Dickens or Shakespeare.
There was no refund available.
Then I could fully understand why there would be a need to give your opinion so that maybe you could warn other potential buyers.

Maybe there are just cold-hearted people out there who get their perverted kicks trying to ruin someone's dreams?
It is so sad that people in this day and age have to put someone down in order to pump up their own importance.

In short, a guy buys my book and does not like it, he gets a refund simply by clicking a button, so where is the big deal? why be so vindictive? I have not burgled your home or shot your dog. just move on and live and let live. 
Humanity is such a wonderful thing but sometimes certain humans act so sad it makes you wonder where society is going.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Zachania Question *FREE EBOOK*

I am giving away a free copy of Zachania to whoever can give us the best answer to the following question,

Who wins?
The man who has the most skill
The man who has the most heart.

The competition will end at midnight the 28th November, where we will award the winner with a free book of Zachania and if we really like the answer then it may feature in Zachania Tome two.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Zachania Tome Two taster.

When the sun rises tomorrow morning it is the time to prove your worth…Your time to avenge your families…And your time to drive this empire back into the sea from whence they came!....Lords of the council of Zachania rouse yourselves, stoke that fire in your bellies and furrow the brow with determination, show me the hunger in your eyes and as Zachanian’s deliver your nation a victory!”

Coming for Christmas 2012