Krays Not Guilty

Book 1
In 1969 the Kray twins were sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, with a recommendation that they serve the minimum of 30 years.
On that day at the Old Bailey their criminal careers were over, if they survived in prison, they would both be well into the sixties by the time they were ever eligible for parole.

For over a decade the Krays had dominated the London crime scene.
They forged a criminal empire that spanned across the whole country and even reached across the pond to the American Mafia in New York.

Joseph Henry Gaines now brings you what would have happened if on that day in 1969, at the Old Bailey criminal courts the jury would have come back with a NOT GUILTY verdict.
This book gives the answers of how the Kray's would have adapted to the changing face of crime, and how the other Firms and Gangs in London would have reacted to the Kray Firm's release.

Crime in the seventies took a drastic turn from the racketeering and extortion of the fifties and the sixties. Drug smuggling suddenly became big business, gangs in London and the UK began to grow from the vast amounts of money that was now on offer. 
Then the eighties arrived and with it came 'cocaine'.where it seemed everyone was getting high and someone somewhere was getting very rich.

How would the Krays adapt? Would they grow older and wiser, distancing themselves from the front line action? Or would London spiral out of control into a town that resembled Chicago in the 1920's.

Krays Not Guilty your Honour .....Will have the answers!

Bloody masterpiece! Gaines has got it spot on. He describes and portrays the old bill exactly how they were all those years ago, vindictive and crooked! Well done Joe I absolutely loved the book.
Jeff brown (spent time with Reg Kray in Parkhurst Prison)
This book should be banned! It is a blatant glorification of violence from start to finish.
Anonymous message posted on the author's blog.
Absolute Dynamite!.. The Violence of Ronnie Kray is Terrifying!
Raw to the bone! This was what Ronnie Kray was really like, forget all the rest, this was him!
When I first heard about this book I wanted to read it to see
if the author had them looking how they were. I got to admit reading this book was just like going for a night out with the twins again.
It's scary just how realistic Gaines has portrayed them, especially Ronnie and Tony Lambrianou.
In the book where Ron and Tony are talking I can actually hear their voices saying those words. In my opinion Gaines gets the thumbs up, there are only a handful of people alive who knew what the twins were really like, Gaines is one of them.
Joey Pyle (Lifetime friend and best man at Ron Kray's wedding)

Absolutely loved " Not Guilty Your Honour" really can't wait to read the 70s era!!!! I've been fascinated with The Krays since I was very young and think the book gives a real insight into what could of happened, had the verdict been different.  Simon James Durkin Facebook Joseph Gaines

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