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KRAYS NOT GUILTY and back on the streets of London again. The laws out to get them! the politicians are out to get them! The other gangs are out to get them! KRAY COVER3

Friday, 21 September 2012

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Children of Zachania 'New release'

Children of Zachania the offshoot of Zachania is will be released this weekend on Amazon.

Friday, 14 September 2012

New Zachania cover?

Just messing around and thinking of changing the book cover??
let me know your thoughts.


New?                                                          Original?

Zachania Quote of the day!

It is our word that rises us from the beast!
It separates us from all the animals...maybe even the gods!
It is what makes us...molds is why we are special!
Lord Heikan
Zachania Tome two

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Krays Not Guilty book one

He was a hard drinker, hard gambler,, hard talking, hard bastard, most people who knew him were terrified of him, at best people kept their distance from him. 

Excerpt from the book, available now on Amazon!

Zachania Qoute of the Day!

Let our blood inspire our children.
As we bleed, we bleed for them.
Let our tears be, for their joy.
Let our toil be, their way forward.
Let our lives be, so they live.
And if we fall in battle.
We fall knowing that our sons and daughters will be forever free.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Zachania the official Guide cover

The new cover for our official guide book. We changed it from the original one so that it keeps with the general tone of the series, hope you like it!

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Curse of the 'Bad' Review or was it a blessing?

Strange world we live in. If you counted the hours I have spent writing and re-writing Zachania, I could have probably built a house in that time. Then just as things were beginning to go well a guy comes along and absolutely 'slaughters' me with a bad review because of my 'grammar' mistakes. Ok if I look at it truthfully I can blame no one but myself. Yes I uploaded the book with the mistakes and yes I left my ass hanging out! My sales have now fell to 180.000 from 22.000 and to say I am 'fuming' is an understatement on the scale of King Kong! At first the usual negative thoughts of 'poor me' and 'why does it always happen to me' sunk in. But then I thought, let's look at this on a positive level.
The bad review has kicked me into life where I 'did' get round to fixing all the grammar mistakes. And guess what now I feel confident that whoever reads my book can never hit me with the same home run again. It’s a strange feeling where I want to 'send the boys' over to see the 'smart ass' but then again I want thank him for giving me the determination to further myself as an author.
They say Love and hate are two horns on the same head, I think I am beginning to realise it!

Zachania Teaser!

Good news!
Zachania Tome one is now available on Amazon and Smashwords with an excerpt from tome two included.

“Heikan my friend, what Akraf done today was not the act of a coward, the man I saw before me acted with a bravery that comes from the heavens… was a rare bravery to lose face and give up everything for the sake of others. 
Such a man should not be mocked Heikan, we should hold such a man in esteem, for a man to be able to make such a calculated decision with such overwhelming adversity before him is not a coward or a man with doubt, but a man of substance and honour”
Zachania, Talon Page 241.

Zachania quote of the day

“You will make a formidable King my prince, any leader of men can lead his men into war but a legendary leader is the man who can win battles without bloodshed and death”
 Zachania Tome one Page 135

Friday, 7 September 2012

Zachania Quote of the day

“Arun, you have just proved your substance as King, never forget that as a King there are things that you must do which you do not want to do, that is what makes a King, it’s the ability to act when most men doubt”
Ganasis to Prince Arun in Zachania Tome one.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Zachania words of the day

A quote from Zachania  Tome two.

“Talon, you speak of things that are far into the future, no one can say what will happen”
“Ganasis you have lived very long my friend; you know how fast the future arrives. Once the empire is gone, much of Kratos will be barren land, lawless land, land that can bring much power to those who wish to seize it. We must have faith in Kratos or we will get warlords hungry for land and power”
“Talon, you cannot change everyone and it is foolish to believe so, men will always want power and war”
“We must try Ganasis”

Coming soon........

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Zachania 'The Diaries & Poem's of Lord Talon'

Whatever we do, we do for Zachanian's
We must never forget what the feeling of oppression feels like
what we do..we do for the freedom of our people
not to replace one oppressive regime with another one
we will not become what we fight to destroy
we will not become the despised
we will not become the enemy
we will be a voice for everyone
we will be one of the subjects we govern
we will be friends
we will be fellow Zachanian's

Lord Talon
Speech in the grounds of Zachra to one hundred thousand Zachanian's

Zachania The diaries and Poems of Lord Talon

Can I do this?
Can I succeed?
Can I bear the weight of so many dreams heaped upon me?
What if I fail?
What if when my time comes I am found wanting,
My life is no longer my own.

Zachania 'The Diaries & Poems of Lord Talon'
coming soon.......