Monday, 10 September 2012

The Curse of the 'Bad' Review or was it a blessing?

Strange world we live in. If you counted the hours I have spent writing and re-writing Zachania, I could have probably built a house in that time. Then just as things were beginning to go well a guy comes along and absolutely 'slaughters' me with a bad review because of my 'grammar' mistakes. Ok if I look at it truthfully I can blame no one but myself. Yes I uploaded the book with the mistakes and yes I left my ass hanging out! My sales have now fell to 180.000 from 22.000 and to say I am 'fuming' is an understatement on the scale of King Kong! At first the usual negative thoughts of 'poor me' and 'why does it always happen to me' sunk in. But then I thought, let's look at this on a positive level.
The bad review has kicked me into life where I 'did' get round to fixing all the grammar mistakes. And guess what now I feel confident that whoever reads my book can never hit me with the same home run again. It’s a strange feeling where I want to 'send the boys' over to see the 'smart ass' but then again I want thank him for giving me the determination to further myself as an author.
They say Love and hate are two horns on the same head, I think I am beginning to realise it!

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