Wednesday, 27 June 2012


New desktop background I knocked up just messing around with Photoshop


Book two appetiser;

Josh Douglas furrowed his brow and walked closer to Anderson; lowering his voice he answered him
“What did you say?”
“It’s over josh, you’re going back to Sharlomy,  this charade ends tonight”
Josh scowled deeper and then pushed his face closer to Samuels face squaring up to him
“I would be careful what you say to me ‘shift boy’”
“Pack your bags Josh, you leave tonight” Samuel replied sternly
Josh looked deeply back into his eyes and held the stare for a moment, Josh’s face looked crazed, he then let out a low guttural growl and moved his top lip just enough to reveal a set of fangs
“You forget whose son I am”
Anderson backed away from the confrontation and paused for a moment before replying
“Then start acting as Viktor’s son, you bring shame upon his memory” he said with a slight apprehension in his voice
“I will revenge his memory! Any Empreen I find will perish for what they have done to Viktor Drend”

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


3200 words in two days done and enjoying writing the second book, just making it up as I go along, don't know where its going but its twisting and turning in all directions and gathering pace.
have written in lots of  new characters as well and I am enjoying building their characters.
hopefully get this book finished by this time next week if I don't get any distractions!

Monday, 25 June 2012


I am back to writing and I am back in my comfort zone! having spent two weeks of registering memberships with this site and that site I am glad to be back to doing what I enjoy best.
god knows how you bloggers do it every day, every night.
it would drive me insane!
now I am 'back in the groove' Child of Aquarius 2 should be completed within the next seven days.
Have already chosen the names for books four and five

HELL'S ALLEY (book 4)

update on ZACHANIA;
finished uploading a revised version on Amazon last night with the new cover included.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

New book cover for ZACHANIA

I have decided to update the book cover for Zachania, I think its better than the last one!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Who I'd like to meet:

Who I'd like to meet:

The unbeatable fighter who sells 100,000. tickets for each show and has the sultan of brunei as his sponsor. 
Theirs a few people i would like to meet down a dark alley or at the north pole, they know who they are and i wont waste my time giving the mugs importance. 
Spike Milligan with us on a night out in the west end, that would be a f..king laugh!! 
ELVIS!! just to show him i can sing burning love better than him. Gorden Brown and all the slippery sell-out crooks he works with. 
Micky Rourke in Sin City, he would make a good member of The Firm.

Joey Pyle jr
 Friend of the Krays


I cant stop laughing to myself that I might be going crackers! for days and nights now I have been sitting here writing BLOGS to what seems like and endless void of cyberspace.
Surely someone in this cyber universe is out there, surely someone finds me maybe just a small amount of interesting to comment to.
I cant help feeling that I am getting like one of those crazy people you see on the street corners or park benches, eyes all wild just talking to themselves!
I am laughing now thinking I must be bonkers!
oh well on the positive side, it has brought a smile to my face, I will just have to make sure this blogging lark does not turn into an obsession.
then I would really be in trouble, sitting huddled, eyes all manic tapping away to the stars with only a cup of coffee and a packet of cigarettes to comfort me and keep me company.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Writing exercise in trending keywords

Let us see who can write a short story featuring words that are trending on the internet at the moment and the last couple of days.
Here goes;

Rhianna  gazed across the Twilight to the Niagara falls, she raised her hand and brushed away the hair from her face which gave her a hair style like Lindsey Lohan she smiled as she thought about what it had taken 2 get her here.
She wondered why she was here, was the stranger who looked like Christiano Ronaldo telling her the truth, was it believable that she would once again meet with the stranger who had spent the night with her until the breaking dawn at Stone Henge on last year’s summer solstice.
It had now been a year since that night of glee where she danced under the stars listening to Radiohead blasting form her stranger’s car.
In that one night she had fallen in love but by morning she was betrayed, she swallowed hard as she painfully remembered waking to her stranger dancing with the brunette who looked like Kristen Stewart, she wiped away a tear remembering when the other girls around began to laugh at her.
looking at her watch she laid her eyes back onto the waterfalls, she smiled as she looked at the cascading waters and marvelled at the colours 'fifty shades of grey' she whispered to herself.
For the next two hours she sat wondering why she had returned from her teaching job in Iran, she wondered and questioned if she was a fool to think that her Dark knight would come for her.
How would she react when she saw him? Or would this night end in another Greek tragedy?
Only time would tell, one way or another this night would end in only one direction.

Zachania quote of the day!

What a toll this life takes from me, what of my soul, what toll will my children have to bear for my actions, self-doubt, I hate it, I detest it, what games my nature plays with me, I kill like no other man has killed before, then my soul rips me apart.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Great review posted for my book The Krays Not Guilty

This review is from: The Krays Not Guilty Your Honour (Series 1) (Kindle Edition)
A friend of mine recommended this book to me, and I'm so glad he did. As I've not read a book that has kept me on such a knife edge for a long time.
I've never heard of the Author before, but apparently he is one of only a hand full of people who actually knew The Krays personally & this comes across in his very inventive writing. The story structure is well balanced, as it flows from situation to situation, without leaving you guessing. More like it kept me salivating for what was going to happen next.
The author builds up the tension & then BANG, it all kicks off, not just the once, but many times!
The way conversations are written in this book made me feel as if I were there in the room. It goes into graphic, bloody & bone crunching detail of what The Krays were like, dealing with "Business on their Manor".
A very harrowing and scary tale, not for the faint hearted. It also gives insight into how big the Krays empire could have grown, bent coppers trying desperately trying to fit people up, sarcastic humor & everything else involved in the sinister world of the underworld.
It may not be to everyone's taste, but I loved it & can't wait for the next book.
Better still, if the original film about The Krays is anything to go by, this would make an even better movie

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



Sent three emails yesterday, replied to two blogs and joined two groups! it me or have people forgotten their manners!
I always reply to an email no matter how trivial, I do it out of common courtesy oh well I guess not everyone can be polite.

Back to business

Spent most of the day writing again and designing covers for the new book and also trying to use adobe after effects for a promo of CHILD OF AQUARIUS. Now for some food, drink and England Vs Ukraine on the TV.


Monday, 18 June 2012


When I am writing I like to make a soundtrack to set the mood for certain chapters or scenes of the book. I am currently writing a chapter from Child of Aquarius book three 'LOHAN's REVENGE'.
Zach Jensen and his group are flying into Niagara international airport to confront members of the Shalm, in my mind I am thinking about the Martha reeves and the vandals song 'nowhere to run'

I am thinking about the plane landing as this music is playing and then Zach and the group driving around looking for an address where the Shalm are supposed to be at.

Do any of you ever write to music?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Joseph Henry Gaines: CHILD OF AQUARIUS

Joseph Henry Gaines: CHILD OF AQUARIUS



We have had a number of queries asking what the order of the books are. we are sorry if there has been any confusion, hopefully when the Child of Aquarius web site is finished and published it should remedy this problem.
any way here is the order and titles of the books

Book 1
Published and available on Amazon

Book 2
CHILD OF AQUARIUS (Bright Lights & Fangs)
Due to be released Sept 12

Cover not finished

Book 3
CHILD OF AQUARIUS (Lohans's Revenge)
Due to be released Dec 12

Cover Draft


If I fear for one moment then my hand may shake, if I fear for a moment then my judgment may be biased, I cannot fear, I must be strong for my people for if they see weakness in me then this war is lost.


Just received an email saying this book should be BANNED as it is 'a glorification of violence from start to finish'
The book is fiction for Gods sake!

Saturday, 16 June 2012


CHILD OF AQUARIUS book 3 title will be, The wrath of Lohan. the story will be featured around Toronto and the Niagara falls.
Lohan is a long lost cousin of Viktor Drend..........

ZACHANIA quote of the day

'A smile on the battlefield is worth ten times a smile in a tavern'

Friday, 15 June 2012

Kray site updated

I have just added some content to the Kray's site, updated the Author page and Book reviews page.
received an email this morning saying the book should be banned as it promoted violence! Please what do think Dracula, Lord of the Rings and any James Bond thriller is about.
anyway I put their letter on the reviews page.


Cant make my mind up which one I like best?

ZACHANIA quote of the day

“Arun you have just proved your substance as king, never forget that as king there are things that you must do which you do not want to do, that is what makes a king, it’s the ability to act when most men doubt”

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Ever since mankind began to climb the ladder of civilization we have asked why we are here.
Empires come and go; gods and religions are created then denounced but the one thing which remains a constant in the development of mankind is the burning question of what is the meaning of my existence.
We have documented our history and boxed it neatly into various time periods.
The time of the pharaohs, the time of the Greeks, the time of the Roman Empire, the middle ages, bronze age, the stone age to name just a few.
Over the centuries we have gathered a mix match of documented history filled with truths, fantasies and legend and called it our history.
With this lack of substantiated material we find ourselves awash with unanswered mysteries about our past and we still ask the question of who we are.
We can place men on the moon, we can split the atom yet still we cannot find our past.
With all the technology in the world today it is time to ask yourself this question with your eyes open, it’s a simple question but has so many different answers from so many different cultures and societies, in Christianity we come from Adam and Eve.
The native Indians of America believe we come from the stars and from their beliefs they have developed countless different beliefs and religions, the feather religion, longhouse religion, drum religion, the Indian shaker religion are just a few. Across the continents we have the Asian beliefs where mortals are godlike as with the emperors of Japan and China.
In ancient Greece and Rome we have Zeus and Jupiter, in Scandinavia we have Odin.
The mind of mankind is filled with legend and myths; it is like we have been programmed to believe in some celestial being that rules over us and dictates what we do and holds our fate in its hands. Every civilization from every corner of the earth has its beliefs rooted with the ethos of some kind of divine being or god.

If we step back and add all this data together we find a parallel, a common bond where we can find that of all the beliefs there is always something in common, it is the yearning or expectation that we are part of something bigger or more powerful than ourselves.

What has been totally overlooked is the power of evolution, it is the way of the universe yet we dismiss it for myths, fantasy and faith.
Evolution has the power and the answers to solve all of our questions, evolution over time enabled trees and plants to evolve with spikes and thorns on their leaves to stop the dinosaurs from eating them, a simple tree or plant, it had no brain or conscience yet somehow it sensed it was in danger from the mammoth eating habits of the huge dinosaurs and it found a way to survive, it found the way to exist.
Evolution gave insect’s wings and the power to fly; evolution gave fish the ability to turn amphibian therefore allowing life to exist on land.
How can this be answered, if we rationalize this it cannot, but this is evolution, the same evolution that brought us from apes to where we are now but with the trees it took millions of years to achieve, with us we have done it much quicker.
In this book, ‘Child of Aquarius’ we discover our truths, we discover what we really are, within this series of books we learn where we come from and how evolution has pushed some individuals to the limit of our capabilities as it has left others behind’ We discover the truth about the myths of our nightmares, the vampires, werewolves, the truth about the dark side of our character, Zachania and the lost histories of mankind.
And you will also discover the ancient and secret societies of the Empreen and Shalm, and what is more startling you will discover that not everything we know is not how we believe it to be.

List of Art Books Reviewed

List of Art Books Reviewed

Ali Julia Product Reviews: Kindle book review: Assimilative Memory or, How to...

Ali Julia Product Reviews: Kindle book review: Assimilative Memory or, How to...: Must have been ground breaking in 1899, still relevant today This book is available as a free download from Aamazon for Kindle or Kindle f...

Off Topic Dogs in the Park (A WAR ZONE)

Just got back from the local park with my Greyhound and four children and it was like walking in a jungle, my was attacked twice by a Staffordshire bull terrier and an English bulldog, the bulldog also knocked my 10 year old boy up in the air while he was playing football.
I am getting sick and tired of constantly entering a war zone every time my kids want to play in the park, something has to be done.
I had an argument with one of the dog owners and told him to put his dog on a lead when there are children around, his response was 'my dog has as much rights as your kids' I told him that my kids are hardly likely to rip the face or arm off of your dog'
every week we hear of someone poor kid being mauled by these dogs, I say if a dog is in a public park then he should be muzzled.
I am not kidding but the next time I go to the park I am going to take a hammer with me just in case one of these dogs attacks my kids or me, it is absolutely crazy that i will have to go 'tooled up' to go to the park.

Zachania quote of the day!

'What foolish games this word love extracts from us, how can I be such a fool, 
empires revere me yet one women can humble me'



Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Another draft cover


Just messing a round on Photoshop with the cover for Diaries of Talon (Zachania)

Zachania quote of the day

I can hear the enemy across the battlefield, tonight we rest, we prepare, we steady our nerves, I wish morning was here, I wish I could hear the sound of battle, then there is no time to think, no time to doubt, no time for your conscience to play games with you, I wonder if they feel the same way, tomorrow they face the legendary Zachanian warrior, we are fearless, relentless, we never surrender, one Zachanian warrior is worth ten imperial soldiers but tonight as we all sit waiting for what horrors the morning will bring we are the same, just men, just men thinking of our loved ones, just men trying to sleep under the vast blanket of night.

Talon the Zararhakzar
from the book Zachania


Back to work today, just finished uploading the updated version of the book after spending six hours last night formatting it again, still have not got any reviews but it is selling so it must be showing up somewhere in cyberspace.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Social media is driving me crazy!
I have spent the last two days trying to connect with people via;
Now I know it has only been two days but i cannot get a single person to tweet, blog or add me!!
is there a special internet-cyber goof talk which I clearly lack?
I have followed this tweet and that tweet and  cant even get a Hi from someone.
I have seen some awful boring tweets where hundreds of people are replying but not a soul in the whole universe is saying anything to me, I must be pushing the wrong buttons because I refuse to believe I am dull!
I have lived a very alternative life and (excuse the pat on the back) can, and do add some very humorous and enlightening topics to any conversation I enter into.
going to go back into twitter now and see if I can get a response!
wish me luck or am I just typing to myself, oh well Dallas is on TV in a minute so I can always go and talk to JR on the TV instead.


It was prophesied that 2012 would be the end of the world!
Mankind is on the verge of something big, technology is moving faster than at any time in history.
What is now apparent is we are now very close to being ready top learn, to learn the secrets of our evolution and the secrets that have been hidden from us since time began.
2012 is not the end of the world by some catastrophic event, it is the end of the world as we know it.

Mankind is now ready to be amazed, 
mankind is now ready for Child of Aquarius.

Agent query

Just found this website and joined, has anyone else used this site before, it looks interesting and as i am a sucker for exploring i will give it a go

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" width="468" height="60" alt="Find Literary Agents and Publishers at" /></a>

Monday, 11 June 2012


after spending nearly every waking hour stuck in front of the computer for the past six days I am delirious, relieved, thankful, and proud to say that CHILD OF AQUARIUS has been wrote, formatted and released on Amazon. Paperback Kindle

Child of Aquarius Book 2
Bright Lights & Fangs
is next in the pipeline but a need a few days A&R first!

Not Guilty The Krays