Thursday, 14 June 2012

Off Topic Dogs in the Park (A WAR ZONE)

Just got back from the local park with my Greyhound and four children and it was like walking in a jungle, my was attacked twice by a Staffordshire bull terrier and an English bulldog, the bulldog also knocked my 10 year old boy up in the air while he was playing football.
I am getting sick and tired of constantly entering a war zone every time my kids want to play in the park, something has to be done.
I had an argument with one of the dog owners and told him to put his dog on a lead when there are children around, his response was 'my dog has as much rights as your kids' I told him that my kids are hardly likely to rip the face or arm off of your dog'
every week we hear of someone poor kid being mauled by these dogs, I say if a dog is in a public park then he should be muzzled.
I am not kidding but the next time I go to the park I am going to take a hammer with me just in case one of these dogs attacks my kids or me, it is absolutely crazy that i will have to go 'tooled up' to go to the park.

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