Thursday, 14 June 2012


Ever since mankind began to climb the ladder of civilization we have asked why we are here.
Empires come and go; gods and religions are created then denounced but the one thing which remains a constant in the development of mankind is the burning question of what is the meaning of my existence.
We have documented our history and boxed it neatly into various time periods.
The time of the pharaohs, the time of the Greeks, the time of the Roman Empire, the middle ages, bronze age, the stone age to name just a few.
Over the centuries we have gathered a mix match of documented history filled with truths, fantasies and legend and called it our history.
With this lack of substantiated material we find ourselves awash with unanswered mysteries about our past and we still ask the question of who we are.
We can place men on the moon, we can split the atom yet still we cannot find our past.
With all the technology in the world today it is time to ask yourself this question with your eyes open, it’s a simple question but has so many different answers from so many different cultures and societies, in Christianity we come from Adam and Eve.
The native Indians of America believe we come from the stars and from their beliefs they have developed countless different beliefs and religions, the feather religion, longhouse religion, drum religion, the Indian shaker religion are just a few. Across the continents we have the Asian beliefs where mortals are godlike as with the emperors of Japan and China.
In ancient Greece and Rome we have Zeus and Jupiter, in Scandinavia we have Odin.
The mind of mankind is filled with legend and myths; it is like we have been programmed to believe in some celestial being that rules over us and dictates what we do and holds our fate in its hands. Every civilization from every corner of the earth has its beliefs rooted with the ethos of some kind of divine being or god.

If we step back and add all this data together we find a parallel, a common bond where we can find that of all the beliefs there is always something in common, it is the yearning or expectation that we are part of something bigger or more powerful than ourselves.

What has been totally overlooked is the power of evolution, it is the way of the universe yet we dismiss it for myths, fantasy and faith.
Evolution has the power and the answers to solve all of our questions, evolution over time enabled trees and plants to evolve with spikes and thorns on their leaves to stop the dinosaurs from eating them, a simple tree or plant, it had no brain or conscience yet somehow it sensed it was in danger from the mammoth eating habits of the huge dinosaurs and it found a way to survive, it found the way to exist.
Evolution gave insect’s wings and the power to fly; evolution gave fish the ability to turn amphibian therefore allowing life to exist on land.
How can this be answered, if we rationalize this it cannot, but this is evolution, the same evolution that brought us from apes to where we are now but with the trees it took millions of years to achieve, with us we have done it much quicker.
In this book, ‘Child of Aquarius’ we discover our truths, we discover what we really are, within this series of books we learn where we come from and how evolution has pushed some individuals to the limit of our capabilities as it has left others behind’ We discover the truth about the myths of our nightmares, the vampires, werewolves, the truth about the dark side of our character, Zachania and the lost histories of mankind.
And you will also discover the ancient and secret societies of the Empreen and Shalm, and what is more startling you will discover that not everything we know is not how we believe it to be.

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