Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Writing exercise in trending keywords

Let us see who can write a short story featuring words that are trending on the internet at the moment and the last couple of days.
Here goes;

Rhianna  gazed across the Twilight to the Niagara falls, she raised her hand and brushed away the hair from her face which gave her a hair style like Lindsey Lohan she smiled as she thought about what it had taken 2 get her here.
She wondered why she was here, was the stranger who looked like Christiano Ronaldo telling her the truth, was it believable that she would once again meet with the stranger who had spent the night with her until the breaking dawn at Stone Henge on last year’s summer solstice.
It had now been a year since that night of glee where she danced under the stars listening to Radiohead blasting form her stranger’s car.
In that one night she had fallen in love but by morning she was betrayed, she swallowed hard as she painfully remembered waking to her stranger dancing with the brunette who looked like Kristen Stewart, she wiped away a tear remembering when the other girls around began to laugh at her.
looking at her watch she laid her eyes back onto the waterfalls, she smiled as she looked at the cascading waters and marvelled at the colours 'fifty shades of grey' she whispered to herself.
For the next two hours she sat wondering why she had returned from her teaching job in Iran, she wondered and questioned if she was a fool to think that her Dark knight would come for her.
How would she react when she saw him? Or would this night end in another Greek tragedy?
Only time would tell, one way or another this night would end in only one direction.

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