Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Social media is driving me crazy!
I have spent the last two days trying to connect with people via;
Now I know it has only been two days but i cannot get a single person to tweet, blog or add me!!
is there a special internet-cyber goof talk which I clearly lack?
I have followed this tweet and that tweet and  cant even get a Hi from someone.
I have seen some awful boring tweets where hundreds of people are replying but not a soul in the whole universe is saying anything to me, I must be pushing the wrong buttons because I refuse to believe I am dull!
I have lived a very alternative life and (excuse the pat on the back) can, and do add some very humorous and enlightening topics to any conversation I enter into.
going to go back into twitter now and see if I can get a response!
wish me luck or am I just typing to myself, oh well Dallas is on TV in a minute so I can always go and talk to JR on the TV instead.

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