Children of Zachania

Have you ever wondered where the legends of vampires and werewolves came from?
Have you ever wondered if they are true, or if they exist?
Jonathan Jones a freelance journalist working for the New York times dared to wonder, in 2004, Jones spent six months investigating an ancient secret he discovered while on a trip to India.
This secret took him to three continents as he became obsessed with discovering the truth.
In December 2011 he published his findings in the New York Times under the heading 'The Children of Zachania'
Jones was quickly ridiculed as he claimed to have found an immortal race who for centuries had been protecting mankind.
By January 2012, Jonathan Jones was found dead in his Pennsylvania apartment, his death remains a mystery, no one was ever arrested or charged.
What did he discover?
What ancient secret was he prepared to give his life for.
Children of Zachania by Joseph Henry Gaines has the answers....

Book one
Children of Zachania is the story about the ancient society of the Empreen, a secret guild who for centuries have been influencing the safety of civilisation as we know it.
Descended from the legendary Zachanian's they inherit the wisdom and extraordinary abilities of their forefathers who once ruled the world long before the time of Pangea.
Living in clandestine locations around the world, the Empreen use their powers and ancient knowledge to foresee future catastrophes and exist solely to protect us and to maintain the balance and harmony of all mankind.

The gifted' children of Zachania' or 'Chamrar' are scattered in every corner of the globe, in the USA, Russia, India and the UK to name just a few. These special individuals live unaware of their abilities and talents until they are found by 'Empreen finders' and then brought back to the Empreen homeland of Empare where their talents are nurtured and primed.
Chamrar are then placed into foundations of five, groups such as the Tanis and Machu Pichu foundations and when the elders discover a rift in the balance of life, these foundations are engaged to seek out the threat and act accordingly to maintain the existence of our world.

Children of Zachania, merges the magic and mystery of the ancients and the high tech advancements of the present to create a world where bravery, duty and honour clash against the forces of evil.
Since the essence of time they have fought the Shalm. Who just Like the Empreen originate from the unknown age of Zachania, the source of their heritage comes from the Zachanian's blood enemy, the bestial natured Degrain.
Their only existence is to destroy; through the ages they have had their hand in many of mankind's catastrophes, some natural and some supernatural. Beneath our very noses the Empreen and Shalm plot, plan and fight for the control and balance of humanity.
Sometimes it may be an Empreen elder who saves mankind or sometime it may be someone like the Californian teenager Zach Jensen who saves us. But be thankful, they are among us, living in silence and without any need for gratitude they sacrifice everything to maintain our safety and the safety of mankind.

There is a hidden world living silently within the shadows.
A clandestine world since the dawn of time, struggling silently for our safety.
A world where nightmares and demons exist.
A world where we live in ignorance because of their sacrifice.

‘If you don’t swing the bat… you can’t hit a home run’
Zach Jensen


The ancient times of our forefathers were a time of great heroes…. A time when the land was one… long before the great land masses broke free and formed continents.
What was once our home they now call ‘Pangea’…. They preach about the world’s history… Yet they know nothing of the great lands of Kratos, Kalitash and Zachania.
They know nothing of a time of great Empires… or the time of passion, romance, magic and mystery.
Our home… our beloved Zachania, is now buried deep beneath the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean… Just a memory till the end of time… only in our memories and blood does it exist!
Talon the Zararhakzar! Ganasis the Jusafika! The King! Lord Heikan! They were our forefathers; they are the blood from which we stem.
Now it is only us, the Empreen, now it is our time to protect the weak. It is our time to fight for what is righteous...  Our time to walk in the footsteps of the Zachanian’s…… and our time to hold our heads aloft…. And walk as Kings.
1867 AD

Chapter 1

It had been a busy year for the finders of the house of Empreen, 2011 had been the most fruitful year since the end of the Vietnam War, where teams of finders had scoured every continent of the Earth seeking out 'Chamrar' or chosen ones in the English language.
Monica Meraldez a stunningly beautiful lady in her mid-forties and her finder partner Pierre Bonaparte, a regal looking gentleman with French heritage had visited over fifty countries in the past year during the course of their work.
Monica switched the power button on her iPad as Pierre ordered two orange juices from the first class airline stewardess, she caressed the touchscreen until a picture of a young man with fair hair appeared on the screen, after scrolling down the page she revealed the details of the picture above, Monica subtly looked around the first class department to see if anyone was in earshot of what she was about to say.
"His name is Zach Jensen, 18 years of age, American from Danish ancestry, a graduate of UCLA where he is majoring in history and politics." She said quietly.
"This is the one that has interested Ulysses so much." Pierre replied.
"He wants him tested."
"Ulysses has not asked for a test in over ten years, he must be very concerned about losing this one to the Shalm." Pierre replied.
"Then we must make special care that Jensen, does not slip from our grasp."

Quarterback Zach Jensen sat proudly enjoying the recognition of his friends and well-wishers as they celebrated their college football team's latest victory, and Captain Zach Jensen's amazing record breaking field goal of 68 yards.
Zach Jensen took a sip from his drink as a team colleague warmly patted his arm. "Jesus Zach, I couldn't believe it when you nailed that kick."
"It's got to be a world record; I never saw a son of a bitch hit 65 yards." Another added.
Zach smiled happily as he listened to the compliments, but was then suddenly drawn mysteriously to the sight of Monica Meraldez gracefully heading towards him. Their eyes locked across the room as Zach felt immediately fascinated by her, it was a feeling he had never felt before, it was not an attraction feeling, but a feeling of overwhelming friendship or warmth. They both held out their hands as Monica introduced herself and her colleague Pierre Bonaparte before the three of them walked over to a less crowded part of the hall.
"We have come a long way to speak with you Zach." Monica sighed.
Zach paused his answer for a moment as he dwelt on the thought of how sophisticated this lady before him looked, and how intoxicating her fine English language with a hint of a Spanish accent sounded, he felt himself yearning to hear her speak again.
"Who are you?" He replied.
"That is long answer my friend, all we can say is we come from a society of people who are like you Zach." Pierre said.
"What do you mean like me, what do you want?"
Monica warmly reached across and grasped his arm.
"We are here to show you what you can become, we are here to open your eyes….inside you are many hidden talents, they are closer to the surface with you than most, and you are gifted in ways you currently can't comprehend."
"Wait just a minute! This is crazy has someone got you up to this."
"Do not let doubts cloud your openness Zach, look at me , open your mind to me, I know you can feel there is truth in what we say, you have doubts, of course you do, but you must trust me, let me open your inner mind to the world you do not yet know, take my hand and let me show you the truth."
Hesitantly and with a confused look on his face Zach reached up and took the hand of Monica, his mind suddenly went blank as he felt overwhelming trust, he suddenly found his eyesight beginning to blur as he felt like he was floating. Warmth surrounded him, more it engulfed him. Zach suddenly gathered his senses and pulled his hand away.
“Wait a minute!” he gasped.
“You must let yourself be open Zach.” Pierre replied.
“Open to you! I don’t even know you.” Zach added.
“Yes you do!” Monica replied softly.
Zach raised his hands to chest level as if defending himself.
“I’m sorry, this is crazy.” He said as he backed off.
“Do not fear us Zach.” Pierre softly added.
“I’m sorry, I gotta go.” Zach softly replied before he walked away, but as he walked a few steps, Zach felt himself feeling faint, he turned to the spot of his conversation only to find that the two people he was just speaking to had disappeared, he gazed around the hall but could not find them.
“What the hell just happened there!” He whispered to himself.

“I had no time to test him Monica.” Pierre said as the two of them walked along the corridor.
“No need to Pierre, he is Chamrar fifth; briefly I felt his past and glimpsed his future.”
“You say he is fifth, how can you be so certain? If that is true Monica then we must go back.”
“No need Pierre, he has felt a brief glimpse of the inner plain, it is he who will now seek us.”

The next morning Pierre was disturbed in his hotel room by a loud knock at his door. It was 6.45: am, Pierre who was already awake reached for a gown and opened the door. He found Zach Jensen dressed in jeans and Tracksuit top looking tired and dishevelled as if he had been awake all night.
“Come in Zach.” Pierre said completely unsurprised.
“What’s going on here!” he snapped as he walked into the room holding his head, “You came over to me yesterday speaking riddles about this trust and that trust, god I don’t even know you, and what did that woman do to me when she held my hand, I have been awake all night, my mind is racing, I’m having visions and thoughts that I just don’t understand. What did you do to me?” he added.
“Please sit down Zach.” Pierre replied calmly as he fetched his guest a glass of water.
“I need to know what’s happening to me!” Zach demanded.
“Please relax, don’t worry I will explain all in a moment, here eat this it will help with your tiredness.” answered Pierre as he reached into his suitcase and handed Zach a sprinkling of dried herbs.
“What’s this?” Zach asked cautiously.
“It’s not drugs.” Pierre replied cheerfully before picking up the telephone to call Monica of his surprise guest.
“How did you find me?” Pierre asked after placing down the phone.
“I don’t know? I just knew you were here, I thought of all the local hotels and when I thought of this one, I just knew you were here, I asked the guy at the desk which room you were in, and he recognized me from the football games so told me the number.”
Pierre smirked.
“How do you feel Zach…… I don’t mean physically but how do you feel in your mind?”
“I feel confused, vulnerable, I’m not sure of what to think at the moment.”
“This trouble’s you doesn’t it.”
“I’m not used to feeling like this.”
“You’re used to everything being clear Zach, we know you, you are always in control of matters, you seem to know things about people that words can't reveal, I bet you have experienced many times the thoughts of others or what others are about to say before they say it, you remember everything, to you mathematics and IQ puzzles come as second nature, you’re used to winning, in fact I would say you win at everything you try, am I correct?”
Zach smirked to himself, he was about to confirm what Pierre said when the door opened and in walked Monica.
“I knew you would come.”
“How did you know I would come?” Zach replied to her.
“I gave you a glimpse of your true self; once you felt it you could never ignore it.”
“Look lady I need to know now what all this is about.” Zach demanded as he stood up.
“Please Zach sit down.” Monica asked and then waited until Zach was seated before continuing.
“There are many things that happen in this world that cannot be easily explained Zach, ever since humans first walked this earth they have been evolving. This evolution takes millenniums before new species are born, this phenomena cannot just happen overnight, some humans will begin to show signs of evolving now while other bloodlines may remain the same for countless more generations, the human being has currently seven levels of existence. Most of the world’s population is at level one and two, people who are content with living life without taking risks or asking too many questions about their existence. Then at level three you will find the population who have shown initiative, successful businessmen, athletes, humans who are skilled at leading others. At level four the human mind has evolved into what some would call genius, inventors, and leaders of nations, men with vision, charisma and soul. At level five the human evolves into what we call the inner self being, clairvoyants, telepaths, humans that can look into their own minds and visualise their existence, The Buddha was a level five, so was great men such as Ghandi and Moses, this is also the most volatile state of existence, many humans cannot understand the importance  that they hold, this is a state of evolution that most minds cannot comprehend, many level five humans are either called prophets or denounced as heretics, witches, this is the most religious state of all the levels, it is also the most confusing and the most powerful.”
“Monica and I are both level five.” Pierre interrupted.
“The two remaining levels are the rarest; in all of earth’s history only seven humans have attained level six while only one known human has ever reached level seven.”
“What’s all this got to do with me?” Zach interrupted.
“You are level five my friend.” Pierre added.
“But you are also a Chamrar as we call it in the Empreen language, translated into English it means 'chosen one' but in Empreen it means so much more. You have a destiny to fulfil but it has two paths, we are here to show you the righteous path but there is a corrupt path that awaits you, a manipulative path that leads to great pain and suffering. A Chamrar has the potential to take nations into war, lead thousands to their death, even put into motion events that can destroy mankind, this is the reason we have come forward, it is our task to find beings as yourself before the Shalm finds you.”
“Lady if there was a doctor in this room he would have you certified, I feel strange thoughts and weird sensations but do you know how crazy this sounds to me.”
As Zach finished speaking Pierre rose from the bed smiling, he held out his hands and said,
“Maybe this will help your belief.” As he finished his sentence a flame of fire rose from his left palm, Pierre smiled as he tipped the flame into his right palm and then back again into his left, Zach cowered away in amazement as Pierre made the flames dance from hand to hand.
Monica reached out to Zach.
“Do not be frightened Zach; hold out your hand, you can trust me.”
Zach hesitantly held out his hand and the flame in Pierre’s hands slowly began to move towards his own hand, Zach flinched as the flame touched his fingers, his instinct told him to pull his hand away but when he felt no heat something made him keep his hand still, the flame danced around his hand as if alive, it caressed in between his fingers and ran along his palm, Zach found himself smiling as Monica reached out and grabbed his hand with her own and the flame suddenly disappeared.
“This and many more talents do you possess.” Monica uttered.
“With the correct guidance you will learn how to control the elements, fire, water, even the air can be fused together for your means, and you will learn how to manipulate these elements. Mankind contains the same materials as nearly everything else on earth, the difference with you, is your mind has the abilities to control these materials, hidden within your consciousness lay many abilities, but you will have to awaken these parts of your mind that control them, these skills were common in ancient times but modern history has found ways to shroud them.” Added Pierre
“Wait a minute what has all this got to do with me, why me? How did you find me?” Zach suddenly asked.
“In our land we have a man Ulysses, he is the wisest one among us, it was he who instructed us to find you.” Monica replied.
“But how did he know about me?” Zach professed.
“Let me explain, there is an order of events that happen in this world, a world order, or universe order, everything has its reason for being, from a single blade of grass to yourself and others like you, mankind has searched the answers to existence for generations, but the answers are there if you know where or how to look, Ulysses found you on the great wheel, the wheel revealed to him your two destinies.”
“The wheel! What’s that?” Asked Zach.
“The wheel of being is an ancient artefact once owned by the Hittites and created in times before the kingdom of the Sumerians and the Sphinx of Giza; it reveals future events to Ulysses.”
“Are you saying it reads the future?” Zach interrupted.
“Not entirely, it reveals paths of the future, it shows how events could be, once we know the different outcomes then it befalls us to ensure the correct course is taken.”
“And if you fail?” Zach asked.
“Then great tragedies occur, wars are born, dictators are created who yield pain and misery upon those whom they empower.”
“I still don’t understand how this can possibly have anything to do with me.” Zach answered.
Monica then raised her hand and asked Zach if she could look into his mind, Zach gave a slight laugh as he replied “what is this something out of the lord of rings.” He joked.
“If you allow me I will give you a glimpse of your possible future.” Monica asked sincerely. Zach nodded his approval as Monica raised her hand to his forehead, “just try to relax” she whispered.
Zach closed his eyes as he felt himself drifting in a dreamlike state, just a few seconds passed before he flung open his eyes and raised his hands as if protecting himself
“Relax, relax.” Monica sighed as she took his arms in her hands.
“Jesus!” Zach gasped. “What happened?” He followed.
“You saw a possible future.” Pierre added.
“But Jesus, it was so real.”
“What did you see?” Asked Pierre.
Zach gently shook his head and breathed out loud before he began to explain.
“I saw myself but only older, I would say I was in my forties, and sitting at the head of a large maple table, around me sat about a dozen other men, who were or it felt like were employed by me…. The table was on the top floor of a huge skyscraper, by the looks of it I would say it looked as if it was in Dallas or Houston, behind me were pictures of Oil wells.
I was the head of a large corporation, an oil corporation, then I was whisked to another office, only this time there was only me… in front of me were military documents awaiting for me to sign. I looked out the window and realised I was sitting behind a desk in the Whitehouse…. Then as I looked upon the gardens I saw the sky turn dark, then burst into flame, I felt horrified, it  was like a feeling of absolute terror…. Then I saw myself in Times Square in New York, I was standing naked amongst thousands of people yet no one could see me. I looked around in the distance, and my eyes were drawn to a man dressed in a long black overcoat, he had his back to me…. Suddenly he turned and stared at me, then he began to walk swiftly towards me, his face stern and angry, as he advanced towards me the crowd parted as if they were part of him. Then he raised both his hands as if to grab me but then I awoke.”
“That was the Shalm, they are aware of you already, soon they will come for you, just as we have.” Monica said.
“The Shalm, what are they?”
“The house of Shalm is the adversaries of the house of Empreen, ever since time began, the two forces have fought for the order.”
“Like good and evil.” Zach added.
“Good and evil come from religion Zach; the battle for the order has existed long before religion.”
“When you come with us to Empare, you will have access to our library’s, many secrets and answers will you find there.” Added Pierre.
“Empare! I can’t go with you, I have a life, I have a family, I have commitments.”
“Your life as you now know it Zach is over, I’m sorry but we would not be here now at this time if a dramatic turn of events were not about to happen.”
“I’m sorry lady but I gotta go, I gotta think this through.” Zach answered as he got up to leave.
“Please!” Monica said raising her voice as she got to her feet, “Please take Pierre with you.”
Thirty five minutes later Zach Jensen and Pierre Bonaparte pulled into Zach’s parent’s driveway, but as soon as they arrived they noticed a police car already parked in the drive. Zach jumped from the car and ran into his home where he saw two police officers speaking to his neighbour, the police officers turned as they heard Zach enter; Zach looked at their faces and then at his neighbours faces who had been crying.
“What is it?” Zach asked her.
“Are you Zach Jensen?” One of the officers asked.
“Yes that’s Zach.” The neighbour added.
“I’m sorry son but we have terrible news.”
“What news!” Zach said as he interrupted and his neighbour rose to her feet to console him.
“It’s your parents son, there has been a terrible accident on the freeway, they both died in the hospital about an hour ago.”
Zach dropped to his knees as he felt the blood drain from his face, his heart began to race as an overwhelming sensation of shock engulfed him, the neighbour dropped to her knees and tried to console him but Zach just had to get out of the house, he quickly rose and wiped the tears from his face as he ran from the front door, followed by Pierre who had been listening, when Zach was outside he grabbed a hold of Pierre angrily.
“Did you know this; did you know this was going to happen? And still let it happen you bastard!” He shouted.
Pierre locked his arms around Zach and restrained him, “No Zach we did not know this, we knew something was going to happen but not what, all we was aware of is that your life was about to change, this is the work of the Shalm.”

The Caribbean Island of Empare was located south of the Bahamas, two weeks had now passed since Monica Meraldez and Pierre Bonaparte had visited Zach Jensen. The two finders had just finished another assignment in England, sitting beside them on the flight from London to Nassau airport was an 18 year old young English Man called Richard Dunhill. Richard Dunhill had been studying History, Science and archaeology at Oxford University, where he was thought of by his tutors as intellectually brilliant.
After checking through immigration and customs the three of them jumped into a cab which took them to a nearby dock, Dunhill could not stop asking questions, his inquisitiveness was running away with him.
Once they arrived at the dock Pierre led them over to a large speed boat, Dunhill looked at the boats name ‘Titicaca.’ Dunhill remarked.
“After the lake and fabled lost city of gold.” He added.
Pierre smiled and patted him warmly on the back.
They were met on the boat by an elderly gentleman who Pierre greeted as Sticks. Sticks smiled at Richard Dunhill as he handed him a life vest, “Here better put this on son, we’re going to be flooring this mean machine here.”
Sticks weren’t joking either, after forty-five minutes of electrifying speed Richard Dunhill got his first sight of Empare. The island was about four miles across with a large mountain range in the middle, he saw the beaches and the palms, all of which resembled any other Caribbean islands but only this one looked totally deserted. As the boat approached the beach, Richard was nudged by Pierre “Watch this.” He said as he pointed at the beach.
Dunhill rose to his feet and witnessed before his eyes a wooden dock raise from beneath the sea, the boats driver Sticks carefully steered the boat over and tied it securely.
Dunhill was amazed, “Pierre this is like James Bond.” He joked.
“It’s just the beginning Richard, you are about to learn things that will turn the way you view this world on its head.”
The three of them got off the boat and walked across the beach to a small opening leading into the trees, after a few yards, the trees become so thick it became impossible to advance. Monica eased herself to the front and waved a hand in front of her, to Dunhill’s, enthusiastic amazement the trees began to part, where they revealed a path that led to the bottom of a mountain. When they walked through the path, Dunhill noticed the trees behind close back into their prior positions, once they reached the bottom of the mountain Monica again waved her hand and vines which had been covering the bottom of the mountain parted to reveal the entrance to a large cave.
Inside the cave Pierre pushed a part of the cave wall and the cave burst into light, a few bats that had been hiding in the dark flew past them to find another dark spot. Pierre then walked over to a wall and rested his palm up against a carved insignia, as soon as Pierre’s hand touched the inscription a large rock face suddenly made a loud noise and then opened to expose a hidden lift compartment. The three of them got into the lift and Pierre pressed the only button, the lift shot upwards for about 30 seconds.
As the doors opened Richard Dunhill could not have dreamed the beauty that was revealed to him, they were at the top of a huge valley that seemed to be ten times the size of the island that Richard had seen upon the boat, immediately below them Richard noticed a man made path leading down to the valley basin, in the basin Richard marvelled at the size and design of the buildings, the buildings were carved from marble and brick which was infused with flint. It reminded him of redone mock pictures of ancient Rome or Athens, around the valley’s edges were countless waterfalls giving off huge sprays of mist which gave the impression of the valley taking on a mythical appearance, the most amazing building which was pointed out by Pierre was the Library, it was a mammoth construction about the size of five football pitches and about ten stories high fronted by six huge marble pillars.
Richard Dunhill was taken to a large compound in the southern part of the valley, Pierre told him that this is where newcomers were brought and that it would also be his sleeping quarters, Richard was asked if wished to have his own quarters or if he wanted to share a dormitory with others like him, Richard decided to share “If this is to be my new life with new friends and family then it makes sense for me to get to know them.” He added.
Richard was taken into dormitory number three or more commonly known as class Pichu, he was introduced to three other young people a 17 year old Chinese girl from Tibet called Han who had lived most of her life in Chicago, a 19 year old Italian boy called Leonardo and an American boy Zach Jensen. 
The first to introduce himself to Richard was Leonardo Massera, Leonardo was originally from Milan in Italy but before he came to Empare he had been living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he had been studying at Brazil’s premier University, he had also lived in New York where his father had a thriving clothing business.
“Hi! I’m Leonardo Massera, most guys call me just Leo, we heard you were coming, Richard isn’t it?”
“Yes that’s correct, Richard Dunhill, nice to meet you.” Richard replied as he held out his hand.
“There are three spare beds over there, anyone you choose.”
“Thank you.” Richard replied as he walked across the dormitory to put his bag on the nearest bed. As soon as Richard placed his bag on the bed Zach Jensen and Han Lei walked over to greet him.
“Hi I’m Han.”
“And I’m Zach, Zach Jensen, so they got you too.” Zach added.
Richard Dunhill shook both their hands and sat down on the bed.
“Yes it’s amazing! Isn’t it, how long have you been here?”
“Eight days, Leo’s been here for two weeks and Han’s been here a month.”
“Have you seen much of the island?” Richard asked Zach.
“We have had a brief tour but we are waiting for this class to fill before the real stuff begins.” Leo added.
“The real stuff?” Richard asked inquisitively.
“You know the hidden talents and all that stuff.” Zach answered rather unenthusiastically.
Richard Dunhill noticed Zach’s tone and decided to change the subject.
“What time do we eat? I could eat a horse.”
Two hours passed as the four talked on the veranda outside the dormitory getting to know each other before Monica Meraldez made an appearance, with her was an elderly gentleman who besides looking well into his 70’s or 80’s  facially had the physique and stature of a much younger man.
“How are you all? I see you're enjoying the sun.” Monica welcomed them “This is Demetrius; he is going to be your teacher.”
Demetrius smiled and then moved forward.
“Thank you Monica, as Monica said my name is Demetrius, I know you all have many questions to ask but for now I want to welcome you to my class, the five of you should get to know each other very well as you are going to be working together for a very long time.”
“There are only four of us.” Richard Dunhill whispered puzzled to Zach sitting next to him which immediately got the attention of Demetrius.
“Very good Richard I see our finders have not wasted their time in recruiting you.” He said lightening the mood.
“As Richard has pointed out, you are missing a fifth member, Viktoriya Antonovich is on her way to join us from Russia, Vikky as she is commonly known is looking forward to meeting with you all, this class will be known as Pichu foundation, remember this name as it is how you will be known from now on.”
“What exactly will be doing? We have all heard rumours and brief explanations, but all of us are still in the dark as to what is really going on.” Zach Jensen asked which had the effect of making Monica smile slightly as she already had Zach pencilled in as leader of this group, and by speaking out first it gave her a slight reassurance that at this early stage, she had made the correct decision.
“Tomorrow we will begin, once Viktoriya is here we will explain everything, so rest today and in the morning you will begin your journey.”   

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