Sunday, 18 October 2015


The Krays Not Guilty Your Honour available on has continued to sell copies as the public Krave for all the Kray stories they can read.
The Film rights to this book have already been sold and now thanks to Tom Hardy and the mega budget film LEGEND, it seems there is no stopping the Kray train!


  1. I'm totally impressed ! I'm 'just' at the start of this author game. Successful authors, like you, are a wonderful motivation in this competitive business. Are your books available internationally? My son reads books like yours - but in German.

    1. Hi Angelika
      Thank you for your comment and welcome to the wonderful world of writing! I self publish on Amazon which has an international platform. I believe my books are sold but I have never checked it out. One of my books Zachania has sold a few copies in Germany, maybe it is the name? But by fr the largest market for self-publishing is the USA, China is also on the rise but you need a book that fits into that market place. I was thinking about writing a book with some kind of Chinese story attached to it but just have not got round to finding the time. I wish you lots of luck with your writing and thank you again for taking the time leave me a comment. Best wishes Joe


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