Zachania I

(Pronounced 'Za-Kane-e-are' in the English language)
'Only those who have been hunted can truly value survival'
Lord Talon
From the scrolls of Epicania.

Tome One.
An Epic tale of revenge filled with secret realms, heroism,
wizardry, witchcraft, romance and chivalry.
A 'coming of age saga' for its main character: Talon of Tallasian.

Talon born in the Imperial land of Kratos and descendant of
the Zachanian's, the once fearless fighting men from Zachania who for centuries
was the nemesis of the empire until hunted and conquered into extinction.

Talon's parents fearing for their family's safety, live
by a strict rule where they guard and hide their heritage.
Tallonus, Talon's father having lived his entire life in
fear of his true identity, vehemently refuses to hand down this knowledge and
burden to his sons.

Endeavoring to disregard the root of his lineage, Talon
enlisted by his father as a soldier of the Empire excels on every level. As the
years pass, he slowly begins to uncover his origins and begins to understand
his secret Zachanian powers. Now a soldier, he rises quickly up the chain of
command where one day he stumbles upon an ancient secret and prophecy.

A secret the Empire has guarded for centuries. He
discovers their terror and the atrocities they have committed to hide this truth.
What happens next is the story of a man who finds himself in a world surrounded
by doubt.

Haunted by his past and hunted in his present, he has two
choices. Remain a soldier in the Empire and live a life in the shadows, or risk
everything to discover who he truly is and the truth of his ancestral history....

Let our blood inspire our children,
As we bleed, we bleed for them,
Let our tears be for their joy,
Let our toil be their way forward,
Let our lives be so they live,
And if we fall in battle,
We fall knowing that our sons and daughters will be
forever free.

Zachania Tome One
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