Saturday, 13 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Challenge (Day 12 & 13)

Challenge to write a poem every day for the month of April NaPoWriMo

April 12th (day 12)


What should one do when ones hope has gone?
Where everything tried has all gone wrong,                                                      
Hope has deserted now only despair
Everything now seems so unfair

Once I had a future but now I have a past
Once I would win but now I come last
Can’t find the strength to attempt another deal
Agony and agony a failure I feel

Live day to day what else have I got
Endless reminders of which I have not
Once I wanted everything..........  Oh how I wanted it all
Now my dreams survival and a wage of petty small..

Joseph Henry Gaines

April 13th (Day 13)


To go against everything that you know                           
And not be afraid of fear to show
To refuse what is good for you and accept which is bad
When all common sense is calling you mad
To reach deep within and grasp which is right
To stand up and be counted though no solution is in sight
To stick by your honour when you know it means pain
To show perseverance when they call you insane
To feel content when you’re cast out alone
No one’s as lonely as a king lost his throne
To start at the beginning when your achievements went far
And hide the secret that your soul is so scarred
To lose everything that you have ever known
Be proud of your nakedness, honour flesh and bone
Your flesh may be bound but your soul remains free
It’s how deep you look as to how far you see.

Joseph Henry Gaines

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