Sunday, 14 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Challenge (Day 14)

Challenge to write a poem every day for the month of April NaPoWriMo

April 12th (day 12)

Beaten but not Beaten!

Shackled to a chair gasping for air
Blood on the floor waiting for more
Now all alone I am hurt to the bone
Yet inside I smile
Day after day they have tortured my body
Still I am strong I have given them nobody
Cut with a knife and beaten with a stick
Russian roulette as I hear another click
Haven’t seen the sun for days on end
Yet its warmth shines brightly as my honour I defend
Tell me the names of the men you protect
Punch after punch only strengthens my reject
Yesterday I was close, close to confess
Today I am past the limit, I couldn’t care less
You have played your hand and given me your best
I have now come through your barbaric test
You didn’t break me on the first day, now your methods have failed
The more you hit me just makes me more proud
I won’t give you anything, only my scorn
Any hope you had is now forlorn
Take off my blindfold, let me see your eyes
I can taste your frustration as your self respect dies
Hit me, strike me, let me feel another blow
But your never force me to tell you all I know
I am willing to die and go to my grave
With a smile on my face knowing friends I have saved
Let them live long and let them be free
Let them remember the friend in me
I will rise into heaven with my soul complete
You have taken my life but yours is defeat
Open your arms to me Jesus my lord
I went out fighting holding my sword
So who has won and who has lost
You can have my life but at what cost
You tried everything you knew to make me talk
Now get out of my way and let me walk
You’re a coward, a rat, a man full of doubt
Look at me now as pride I shout
Just walk out the door and leave me alone
I am stronger than you though you’ve bled me to the bone
Doesn’t matter anymore, anything you do
I’m willing to die as long as I’m true
You smashed me near death now you know your mistake
Two men in a room, only one man is fake
I’ve took your blows and took your threats
And all that you have done is learned regret
The only thing left is you’ll hear me rejoice
Defiance and pride are filling my voice
I see your anger I smell your hate
But I’d rather die true than have your fate
I have won, you have lost
Now walk away and remember the cost…

Joseph Henry Gaines


  1. It is rather amazing what we do to ourselves in this life. And it is incredible when the come out of the flames still alive!

    This is Powerful!!

  2. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect! Hope to see more from you :D

  3. Both poignant & powerful piece of poetry which is no less than I expected but somehow this poem " Beaten but not Beaten " has left " its mark " in my mind seldom left by a poem, in a place usually reserved for epic TV dramas and best selling books. ~ Tina ~

  4. Thank you Tina and Lily
    This poem is very close to my heart and revokes a lot of emotion in me, I am very pleased you both like it.