Thursday, 11 April 2013

Game of Thrones mimics Zachania in episode two of series three.

I sat with great anticipation for the second episode of series three and as usual found the programme fantastic, but as I watched I found myself being astounded about certain similarities which are shared with characters in Zachania.
Namely the 'Works' people who have the ability to transfer their thoughts into the minds of animals.
I know this is not a unique idea and is probably used in countless fantasy-fiction stories but what I found in this instance was they both shared this power with a hawk.

Below is the Zachania version where Talon is taken to the Jomar Jungle by his Grandfather who reveals this secret power to him;
Read it and make your own comparison?

After one-month Talon was getting used to using his gifts, he learned fast and could already read some of his Grandfather’s thoughts.
“Now then, today you will learn how to put thoughts into a man’s mind.” Zalon said as Talon joined him at dawn in the gladiator school yard.
Zalon then walked into the stables and returned with two horses and a large lump of fresh meat.
“We will be travelling to the Jomar jungle; there I will demonstrate just how powerful your powers can be.”
They rode for a whole day before making camp at nightfall, they rested and resumed their journey at the break of light and stopped once they reached the edge of the jungle.
“We will have to leave our horses here.” Zalon suddenly said dismounting his horse.
“Are we here Grandfather, is this the jungle?”
“Yes we are at the beginning, we will have to leave the horses here, they will not enter any further.”
“Why not?” Talon asked feeling slightly apprehensive.
“Use your powers Talon, can you not feel their thoughts.”
Talon places a hand on the horse’s neck and closed his eyes after a pause he turned and spoke to his Grandfather.
“Beasts!” Talon said, “They are afraid of the beast’s within.” he added.
“Good! Now tie your horse and let’s make haste.”
The two men entered the jungle and walked until Zalon stopped and looked around.
“This will do, now come and sit down Talon.”
Zalon then pulled out the lump of meat and threw it into the jungle a few feet away.
“It won’t be long.” he said turning to Talon.
“I sense from you Grandfather that I am not going to like this, and that you are going to find this amusing.” Talon said looking up.
Talon then heard a loud roar coming from within the jungle; the sound was terrifying like nothing Talon had heard before.
“What was that?” Talon asked quietly.
“A Zachanian lion, nothing is more ferocious.”
Talon then turned towards the sound of the roar where he could now hear heavy footsteps, the footsteps got closer and closer and Talon reached for his sword only for his Grandfather to grab his hand.
“Have courage and faith Talon.” he whispered.
Suddenly the creature revealed itself, it was nearly the size of a horse and Talon stiffened as the creature pounced onto the meat showing terrifying power the lion ripped the meat to pieces in a frenzied eating display before raising up its blood drenched mouth and turning towards Talon.
“Grandfather is it going to attack?” Talon whispered anxiously.
Talon then heard his Grandfather make a low pitched growling noise and then he pointed to the jungle and growled again, the lion straightened and then ran back into the darkness of the jungle as if terrified.
The beast was gone as quickly as it appeared and Zalon let out a loud laugh.
“I love doing that!” Talon’s Grandfather said proudly.
Talon looked up at his Grandfather and smiled as his anxiety subsided.
“You see!” Zalon suddenly said snapping his fingers. “That is what your powers can do.” he added pointing into the jungle.
“You terrified it Grandfather.”
“Yes, I put my thoughts into his mind and told him I would rip him to shreds if he came any closer.”
Zalon’s attention was then suddenly distracted by a noise overhead, he looked up to see a hawk flying high above and then he suddenly whistled in the bird’s direction.
To Talon’s amazement the hawk circled a few times before swooping down towards them and then landing on his Grandfather’s outstretched arm.
“Look Talon I can also put thoughts into minds that I am their friend too.” replied Zalon now stroking the birds back before ushering it to fly off.
“Will I also be able to do this?” Talon asked obviously impressed.
“In time yes, these are some of the things that we can do but it is up to you on how long it will take you to learn these”

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