Saturday, 20 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Challenge (Day 18, 19 & 20)

Challenge to write a poem every day for the month of April NaPoWriMo

April 18th (Day 18)

The Critic

He prowls on the keyboard waiting to pounce
Your hard earned work he is going to trounce
He will tear you shreds ruin your page
He is big-headed and bitter, the computer his stage
Doesn’t care if he injures or care who he hurts
His swansong in life is dishing the dirt
Too self-interested to worry about others
Sons, daughters, fathers and mothers
What kind of person wants to belittle
Must be a person whose life is so brittle
He believes he’s superior, oh what a fool
Harming others is not very cool
Don’t you realise how much pain you cause
Is there nothing between your ears that makes you pause?
Why do you do it?
What good does it achieve?
Do you think you are clever, is that what you believe.
Are you a person; is there a beat in your chest?
Tearing at feelings, is that your best?
I can’t understand, your life must be so sad
What insecurities makes you so bad?
Maybe I am crazy and put faith in all men
Only to be disappointed again and again
The reviewer on amazon, a home of the bitter
As bad as the trolls on youtube and twitter
Do you feel better now you’ve had your say
You feel all important as you ruin someone’s day
So well done, hope you feel proud
Had your rant and done it so loud
But remember this saying and remember it well
Remember it when your head starts to swell
A little man may criticize
It takes a man with a big heart to sympathise. 

Joseph Henry Gaines

April 19th (Day 19)

No Option

Put my hand in my pocket, only got a few bob
Tried everything I know just to get myself a job
Redundant by the government who show no regret
Millions unemployed...........  Depressed and upset
Treated as a criminal for I have no job
What else is left but to go out and rob?
No other option than to work for crime
When I get caught the pay is my time
My time is then prison until my release
Then harassed by the law...  They give me no peace
So now I'm out of prison yet I'm still unemployed
God give me freedom from this roundabout void
All I ever wanted was a living and a wage
But I ended up a thief and thrown within a cage
My only crime in life was being born poor
And possessing too  much pride to live my life a whore.

Joseph henry Gaines

April 20th (Day 20)

I am afraid to love, no I do not have the right to love, it would be so selfish for me to inflict my life on the person I love, I am damned, how can I condemn someone I love to share this life with me
Lord Talon..

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  1. Hopefully you won't be thinking " fgs she is back " but I can relate so much to what you write about that it kind of acts as a part of my own healing process when I read your work to know that I am not the only one here that FEELS xx keep it up xx