Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Children of Zachania

We are happy to announce that Children of Zachania has had a 'revamp' for 2013 (Excuse the pun)
We have updated the cover and corrected a couple of Typo errors that we discovered after publishing.
Hopefully it is now a more comfortable read.

Book one
Have you ever wondered where the legends of vampires and werewolves came from?
Have you ever wondered if they are true, or if they exist?
Jonathan Jones a freelance journalist working for the New York times dared to wonder, in 2004, Jones spent six months investigating an ancient secret he discovered while on a trip to India.
This secret took him to three continents as he became obsessed with discovering the truth.
In December 2011 he published his findings in the New York Times under the heading 'The Children of Zachania'
Jones was quickly ridiculed as he claimed to have found an immortal race who for centuries had been protecting mankind.
By January 2012, Jonathan Jones was found dead in his Pennsylvania apartment, his death remains a mystery, no one was ever arrested or charged.
What did he discover?
What ancient secret was he prepared to give his life for.
Children of Zachania by Joseph Henry Gaines has the answers.....

There is a hidden world living silently within the shadows.
A clandestine world since the dawn of time, struggling silently for our safety.
A world where nightmares and demons exist.
A world where we live in ignorance because of their sacrifice.
J C Jones

Children of Zachania is part of the Zachania epic series.
Joseph Henry Gaines

Zachania Tome two
Zachania the official guide book
Zachania The Diaries & Poetry of Lord Talon
Copyright © 2012 Joseph Henry Gaines
All rights reserved.

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