Tuesday, 16 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Challenge (Day 15)

Challenge to write a poem every day for the month of April NaPoWriMo

April 15th (day 15)

My Son's

Stand tall, walk proud
Never too brash or never too loud
Lead from the front, lead as you live
Be wary how you take and wise when you give
Protect your honour and stand by what you trust
Even if it means returning to dust
Watch your words closely, never barter with talk
It is stronger to listen than join the walk
Be vigilant to lies, see through their verses
Judgement is silence than deal in curses
Silently study the ways of the weak
Then trust in you view and let your heart speak
Never be prudish, be open to all
Yet know the decision is yours to call
Be confident in your body, be solid, but care
The greatest of men is the one who is fair
If you are challenged with uncertainty then take a retreat
It is better to think than rush to defeat
Remember my son to use your head wise
Never be bitter never show despise
Compassion and empathy are what makes you strong
Helping first will never make you wrong
Live your life free and don’t hang your head in shame
You have a duty to your children who will carry your name
When all seems lost, you must reach within
Sometimes it will be hard when it’s easier to sin
But remember your background, and who you are
Know that my love will never be far
You will soon be a man with the world as your stage
So live it free and not in a cage
The worst kind of prison is the one in your mind
Walk past your fears and never look behind
It is your life to live so you live it free
Be yourself for all to see
The most precious of gifts is my advice to be true
But it is your life my son and yours to do.....

Joseph Henry Gaines

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  1. Special Father~Son words, I do hope your Son gets to read this.