I am sorry to say that I find your review extremely harsh
I am a self-publishing author who does not have the thousands of pounds spare to have my novel professional edited and proof read.
This is the reason why the book of over five hundred pages is on sale for under £2.

Self-publishing is a fantastic platform which allows people like myself who love to write, an opportunity to share material which otherwise would never get shared.
I can understand if you criticized me for my grammar if I was writing a historical piece of works like war and peace, but Zachania is a fictional novel based in a mythical time.
Self-publisher's earn a pittance from sales and do this because of the love and a distant hope that someone somewhere may enjoy what they produce.

For future reference I would just like to point out what damage you do when you leave a terrible review like the one you posted, since your review my novel has dropped 6000 places and I have not had one sale.
I have thought very hard about leaving this comment but I feel that certain Amazon reviewers are giving self-publishers a really hard time.
Why I don't know? People like me are not claiming to be a Dickens or a James Joyce yet we are judged by a standard which we do not have at our disposal.
There is the look inside feature and also a thirty day refund available for our stories so why is there the need to vilify our hard work. Why not just claim the refund and say, "thank you very much but the book wasn't for me!"

I spend hours and hours going over and over my manuscript trying to create something which will be enjoyed, when we receive a cruel damnation like your review, it absolutely rips the soul out of us and is cruel thanks for the days and months on end, we have slaved away trying to do the thing we love.
I am extremely proud of the books I have written, and I am trying against all the odds to persevere in my quest to one day be a full time author.
So please if you feel the urge again to obliterate someone's work, then please try to remember that there is a human being at the other end, a human being who is just trying to do the thing he loves