Sunday, 28 April 2013

Back to writing.

Sorry guys if some of you have been following my NaPoWriMo poetry challenge.
I was enjoying the challenge and enjoying everyone's comments and opinions up until some time last week where I received two horrible reviews for two of my novels.
To be honest with you it really knocked the stuffing out of me where for a couple of days I just felt like throwing the towel in.
I know we should take criticism and try to carry on regardless but sometimes it hurts!
It can be so frustrating when someone who does not know you, or knows what kind of a life you have had leaves such harsh comments.
To me writing will always be a learning process where no matter how much I write or for how many years I will always be trying to better my skills.
I have been writing for just under a year and have had substantial sales and with some amazing comments and compliments.
I am still relatively a young man (or at least I think I am) so I have years in front of me to improve, I will, not give up just because of a few individuals, I will continue to do what I love and hopefully keep producing material that most people find enjoyable.
I would like to thank everyone who has purchased my novels, every single one of you are helping to make my dream come true and please believe me when I say I am truly truly thankful.

I like to think of a saying which used to be said to me when I was a professional boxer, one trainer used to always tell me that-

  'When people cant do something, they like to tell you that you cant do it'

I know it sounds slightly conceited but maybe that describes the certain people who seem to be on a witch hunt to destroy my writing.

Zachania Tome III

At last the third instalment of Zachania is almost finished and I cannot believe that I have finally got to the end of it!
if you asked me this time last year if I would have the Zachania series published then I would have thought you were stark raving mad.

I really hope you all find it enjoyable and I am looking forward to having a short break from writing then I will be releasing the second book of the Zachania-spin off,
Children of Zachania
once the summer holiday is over I will be sitting down and will start work on my new series KALITASH which is a sequel to the Zachania series with a whole host of new kingdoms and new characters. mixed with some of old of course.

Below is a un-edited version of what is coming in
Zachania Tome III
"Please be aware that this a draft version and has not been edited yet"

Talon and Graval woke with cautious excitement as they looked in the distance and saw the towers of the emperor’s palace. They had spent the whole day previous carefully travelling amongst the many towns that lined the route to the centre of the Palace lands and had spent the night on an isolated hill where they lay hidden in the bushes and shrubs. Talon knew last night that they must be close so he decided it best they try to get some rest and save their energy for the mammoth task of trying to assassinate the emperor.
There was a strange silence between the two men as they pulled on their boots and fastened their swords, both of them shared a feeling of destiny hanging over them and they both seemed to take their time doing the trivial things which on most days held no meaning at all. Talon gazed at the sun and smiled as he hoped that this was not going to be the last sunrise he would witness, he looked at his boots and asked himself the same question as he fastened the twine that bound them, would he ever sleep again or would he ever gaze at the beauty of the night sky again?.....only time would tell him now, because no matter if he lived or died he was going for the emperor.
Once both men had looked around and had some time with their own thoughts they almost simultaneously looked each other where they knew what the other man was thinking, there was a slight moment as they smiled and acknowledged each other’s loyalty and bravery.
Graval was the first one to break the silence when he clapped his hands together and gave Talon a determined look.
“I will not fail you lord Talon!”
Talon suddenly looked up and saw the conviction in his friends face and nodded back at him showing him that he understood him.
“Nor I, you.”
“it seems ironic doesn’t it Talon…….If you think of all the battles and all the deaths yet here we are, just you and me…..just like it was when all of this began.”
“Yep…that’s the way it should be, we started this, now let us finish it!” answered Talon still making sure his boots were well fastened.
“Who would have thought we would be here when we burned the fields of Zac……Do you remember when your grandfather revealed you to us as the Zararhakzar? is funny but at that moment I just knew that my fate was by your side both in service and death.”
“We are not dead yet Graval, who knows what the end of this day will bring.”
“Whatever it brings I stand with you with honour and pride my lord Talon, if I was granted one wish then that wish would be that I am here at this moment with you.”
Talon could feel the shivers run down his spine as the words Graval was saying to him filled him with pride, he shivered as he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he looked at the noble and gallant man who was standing before him, Talon almost shed a tear as he felt overwhelmed by the moment.
“you are the finest man I have ever known Graval….if I was granted one wish, then that wish would be that I was you….I salute you my brother and I promise you we will overcome any adversity that this day shall bring……today is not our time for death, if there is still a god in the sky above us then he cannot take you today….you my friend are too valuable to Kratos to perish here now, men like you and Heikan, my grandfather, men like you are needed when this war is over


  1. What can I say except...very tasty taster. You have managed to whet my appetite for the next course...of course!


  2. Thanks Tina
    I am soldiering on!