Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Zachania Tome III

Unfortunately I may have been stretching my ambitions for a May 1st release of the 3rd instalment of the Zachania series.
I forgot all about Easter and as a father of six I had absolutely no chance of sitting in front of a computer screen all day long while the kids were off school.
The good news however is that the Tome III is coming along and I am anticipating a June 1st release date.
I will let you guys know more as the days pass by so please check back for any updates.
JH Gaines

Here are few tasters of what is coming in Tome III

The old wizard wasted no time in getting down to what he wanted to say, there were no fancy introductions or praise, he just got straight to the point.
“Because of the uncertainty attached to this mission both myself and Zumal will be assisting you with magic, we will be discussing what kind of spells we will use after this meeting and inform you when we have agreed…..One more thing gentlemen, pay heed to the fact we are attacking the empires homeland and remember the ancient words of Apollo when he said-
The man who defends his home will fight with every sinew of his body; he will leave his breath on the field of battle if it saves the lives of his family.
Remind your soldiers of these words and tell them to be at their best for the enemy we will face will surely be at theirs.”

“Such feeble fighting men should not hold a sword in their hand….they shame the steel they grasp!” Graval said sounding like he was disappointed at the lack of competition.

“Twenty thousand pieces of Gold shall be awarded for the death of the Zachanian bandit known as Talon of Tallasian….By order of his highness the Emporor Tash Von Kallick.”

“So they put a bounty on my head.” Talon said as he smiled at the sketch of his appearance.
“Is that you?” Graval joked as he saw the sketch.
“I would hope not!”
“Twenty thousand pieces of gold!.....that will entice every bounty hunter, thief, rogue and poor man.” Graval said as he looked at Talon seriously.
“Then there will be more bodies piled up.”
“Talon such a vast sum could even sway those who are close to you.”
“Not Zachanians!....I cannot believe the emperors wealth will tempt us.”
“Talon, it is a princely sum!....with such fortune someone could almost create his own army!”
Talon looked at the note briefly and then tore it two and threw it onto the dead tribesmen.
“At least we now know why these fools attacked us!” Graval said as the torn note fell onto the tribe leader’s bloodied chest. 

“Right gentlemen; now let us set our minds on Galiko…Heikan! Are your soldiers ready?”
“Are they ready my liege! They are more than ready; they chomp at the bit for another taste of Degrain blood!”
King Arun smiled broadly at the lord’s comment, “Then let us march forth and enter the land of Anfinnis, let us show everyone the hunger in our eyes and let it sound out across all of Kratos that by tomorrow evening Degrain is no more!”

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