Thursday, 11 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Challenge (day 11)

Challenge to post a poem a day for the month of April
April 11th

Day 11

I see my father when I look at my reflection
I see his smile, I see his eyes
As a tear falls I see his love
As my brow furrows I feel his compassion
I swallow deep and think of things I never said
My lip trembles and I sense his  soul
He lives in me and in my sons
Everyday if I look hard he is with me
In my blood - in my bones
In my heart and in my dreams
How I miss the pat on the head, 
The hand on my hand
And the occasional embrace
If I try hard I can hear his voice
It is my voice now
His mind Is my mind
Just one more smile father
Just one more tear
I am your son and all your hopes
Now you are gone - I am no longer the son
I am the father now

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