Sunday, 5 May 2013

Zachania III (The warriors walk of Honour)

A taster from the forthcoming book Zachania Tome III  (release date June 1st 2013)

“What is that?”
“It is my lords warriors, the house of Heikan 1st regiment.”
“They are singing.”
“They are paying tribute.”
The men fell into silence as they listened to the words of the howling song.
“What are they singing about?”
“It is called the warriors walk of honour, it is about a soldier who is killed by the last blow on the last day of the war, and how his soul joins the stars to forever shine upon us…..................It is the truest of warriors…the truest of deaths, now he shines like the stars, in our hearts and memories and above our heads and the heads of our children…..sing…sing his name, for he joins his kin as he walks the warriors walk of honour….
“It is a beautiful song.”
“It is more than that my lord….it is the dream of every house of Heikan man.”

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