Thursday, 9 May 2013

Zachania Tome III (The Kesain)

Another taste of the soon to be released Zachania Tome III

As soon as Talon gave the news to the Kesain king he immediately brought his army of warriors to the front-line  The Zachanians made way and cheered them as they prepared to attack the town. King Quankow did a strange ritual in front of his army where he swayed from side to side and then chanted to the sky, a few moments later the attack commenced.
Dust clouds rose high into the air as thousands of Kesain stampeded on all fours making the ground shake, they ran faster than galloping horses and they hit the town like a storm of thunder. Moments later the air was filled with screams and the Zachanians saw billows of smoke coming from the town.
The Kesain’s killed everything! Even the livestock was not spared from their frenzied attack. They killed Degrain’s in their beds and then set fire to their homes, fishermen, merchants, soldiers, warriors, gladiators and both young and old were put to the death as the Kesains ran rampant through the city killing anything that breathed.
It was a terrifying sight to behold as the ancient race driven by thousands of years of vengeance tore everything to pieces. King Quankow ordered his army to desolate Galinko, it was to be a lesson that would never be forgotten. They smashed ancient ruins with their clubs and entered the temples and savagely killed whom they found.
There was no mercy, no remorse, just barbaric revenge driven massacre.

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