Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Zachania Tome III (Take the hand of my daughter)

Another small teaser from the third and final book of the highly acclaimed Zachania series.

The old king frowned, as he was wise enough to see that the last comment Talon made was a very awkward thing for him to say, but nevertheless he had said what he thought regardless. The king liked that, as he had no time for men who dabble in twisting sentences.
“I see there is no lying in you….I like that, it is a trait that is very rare in the times of today, it is very clear that you have love for my daughter, but do have perseverance? Do you have a benevolent side when times are not as enjoyable as they are now?.......I think you will make my daughter happy and I think in time you will become a fine father of your sons, but something tells me young man that your fighting days are not yet over …….Come closer.”
Talon slowly walked forward where the king held out his hand, Talon reached out and took his hand in his own and was surprised to see how strong the king’s grip was.
“I will, give you my blessing for the hand of my daughter and I will welcome you to my family but I want one thing……I don’t want any promises or assurances that you will do this or that, but what I want is for you to look me in the eye and swear to me that no matter what you will always show her the respect she deserves.”
Talon looked deeply into the kings old eyes and made sure he replied with a voice full of conviction.
“That is the one thing I can truly swear to you.”
“Then I give you the hand of my beautiful daughter and my hand of friendship.”

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