Friday, 31 May 2013

This is how we roll in..... Zachania

“I call the governor of this town!....I am Talon, commander of the Royal Zachanian army, and from the bottom of my heart offer you the chance for mercy….this will be my only plea to you and I implore you to save your life and the lives of your brave soldiers…..if you refuse me then we shall attack with no mercy, there will be no restraint… there will be no rules of war! All there will be is screams, screams from your daughters and sons as my merciless Zachanian warriors smash the heads of your fathers and sons. The howls of your widows will ring so loud into the night it will haunt a generation…for centuries they will talk of the horror and bloodthirstiness of the massacre of Kallick Town…what say you? you want this terror bestowed upon you…are you stubborn enough to test the mettle of my Zachanian brothers…the choice is yours…surrender or absolute unadulterated terror….these are my words and my oath…do you yield to, Talon of Zachania?”