Wednesday, 12 June 2013


To celebrate the release of the anniversary edition of Zachania series.

I will be offering Zachania The Diaries and Poetry of Lord Talon (The Mind of a Warrior) free to download for 48 hours.

Within these pages is a collection of the words, philosophies and thoughts of our saviour, Lord Talon.
A personal journey into his inner thoughts as he fought against war and himself.
A collection of readings, describing the mind of a warrior.
Accounting the highs and lows as he constantly questioned his conscience.
The actions of the warrior when divided by duty and empathy?
Did he trade his soul for the freedom of his people?
Did his path become tainted as he strived to stay true?
My Lord has been called many things.
Now we have the words from his blessed soul....his own account and how he yearned to be understood....