Wednesday, 12 June 2013



I was born into this world chained by circumstance
Born into a way of life not of my choosing
Imprisoned within a body where I was shackled by life
Couldn’t break free, no matter how hard I tried.
Now tainted by a mind which is ripped apart
 A heart which cries to be free
Am an outlaw or a man who will not kneel down
Am I a monster who will not comply?
How can a man be free?
 How can a man live his own life
I breathe and I live day to day
Yet I question and I doubt
I see life through a mask of un-trust
Looking at everyone with question
Do they love me or love who I am
What am I?
What kind of a man have I become?
 I love yet I am afraid to love
I give yet I am wary to give
I trust when I know I should not
 A man from a long lost era
 A man who lives life by his heart
 I am a dinosaur, lost an age of no romance
Lost in an age of self-importance
When will someone love like I dream?
When will my prayers be answered?
In my past I was a man of the glens
Wind in my hair and freedom in my blood
I made my own rules
I set my own goals
Now it is my curse
Why did I never realise when I was younger?
When will I be free?
When my body is laid to rest
Only then will my soul be free
Only then will I know true peace
My only hope is my sons are spared this legacy
Let them be their own men
Let them live the way they want
I am their father, yet I cannot be their example
It is a pain they should not suffer
A way of life that was mine …not theirs.
Lord, give me the strength to free them from this bondage
Let them be free
Let them live good
Let them live long and happy
Let them never know the burdens I have carried
 I love them with all my heart
Let my suppression, be their freedom
Live my sons live and be free…
Do not remember me

Just remember the way I lived.

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