Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Diaries and poetry of Lord Talon (coming soon)

Zachanian shame

It is carried on the shoulders of all Zachanian men.
They despise themselves for allowing the Empire to imprison them in their own land.
But it is deeper than that; they feel ashamed that they have not lived up to their ancestors.
Those once legendary fearless Zachanian warriors!
The warriors who struck fear into the hearts of everyone they faced.
Ancestors who died in their thousands rather than surrender.
Ancestors who would chose death rather than live under bondage and tyranny.
It is a weight they carry daily; you can see it in their eyes and etched upon their faces. Everywhere around you can feel the past, it haunts them but they strangely embrace it. Some parts of Zachra have not been changed for centuries…..the Zachanians cannot let go of the past, it injures them yet it inspires them.
Can these men be warriors again?
Can they use their Zachanian shame to feed their hunger for revenge?
Or will it destroy them?
They walk on dangerous ground, they hold their ancestors in such high regard, almost godlike!
How can they live up to them?
How will they react when the battle goes against them?
Will it make them more determined to succeed in the next battle?
Or will their admiration for their ancestors turn them into empty men ravaged with self-pity and feelings of failure.
These people are strong! They ache for retribution and revenge, but they are brittle!
They walk on a knife edge, success could make them so great, but defeat could just as easily make them implode.
I must find a way to rid them of this Zachanian shame.

Lord Talon

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