Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A thought for Tuesday and tomorrow.

The path

Every now and then we come to a crossroads in our life, a time of great contemplation where we must choose a path to proceed. Do we stay on the path we know? The path that has become tiresome and predictable, or do we take the unknown path?
Do we rid ourselves from the baggage of life, the same weight that has now become almost unbearable to carry and seek out new ideas and new challenges, or stay the same?
Stay on the same familiar path that we have walked upon for most of our lives; continue into old age walking safely upon ground already trodden.
Life can play funny games with you, you may already be frightened for what lays ahead, worse you may be dreading what lies ahead, yet still we continue to walk hand in hand with familiarity, and still we repeat what we did yesterday.
Amongst all this fear time passes by, another day, another month, another year. Slowly it takes pieces away from you, as we grow old we begin to lose those who we love, we lose our parents and those who we once called close friends disappear as our paths drift apart. Our health and vitality drift away, the energy we once had slowly ebbs into decisiveness, we question if we have the time left to complete what we once dreamt of.
Every morning before our eyes we see our face another day older, our dreams another day lost.
Every day the unknown path feels more frightening, the heart says yes and the mind says no!
Personally I thrive on new challenges, I need them or I feel like I am dying.
It is the unknown that brings me to life; it fills me with youthful optimism and inspires the soul of a poet in me.
So just do it! Just go for it!
If your life has come to a standstill and you ache for new adventures, then throw off your confines and take the new path.
Whatever happens, you would have added to your experience of life and if it doesn't work out then all you have lost is endless familiarity and the race to your grave.

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