Friday, 8 February 2013

Life through a blindfold!

I little bit of poetry for my friends....

I've seen men who should be patient acting in haste
I've seen a man stick a blade down another man's face
Sometimes I wonder on our crazy race
I've seen lots of rip off's experienced the cons 
Wondered of the winners and what they have won
I've tried to decipher what life's all about
But always my conclusion is an anger to shout
It seems we are living a life full of lies
One that doesn't care if our brother dies
One, which is stained by the filthy hand of wealth
One where we joke at another’s ill health
It seems now we all know too much for our own good
Once upon a time men knew where they stood
Now we all want which have only the few
An idiom  in  life  which  is  hardly  new
But  once  we  were  destined  from  our  place  of  birth
With  our  family  and  friends  we  all  knew  our  worth
We  accepted  our  lives  and  got  on  with  living
We  all  helped  our  own  and  lived  our  lives  giving
But  now  born  a  man  filled  with  anger  in  his  breed
Caring  for  himself  is  his  only  need
The  tools  he  embraces  are  jealousy  and  pain
He  is  ruthless,  cunning,  greedy  and  vain
He  wants  to  succeed  in  a  world  of  success
He  will  tread  upon  anyone  as  he  strives  to  be  best
What  is  a  man  when  he  stands  alone
Arrogantly  sitting  on  his  blood  stained  throne
So  insecure  in  his  make  believe  life
Boosting  his  ego  giving  other  men  strife
Choking  on  the  fumes  of  the  power  he  needs
Ruining  lives  as  his  pocket  he  feeds
Wearing  his  crown  pretending  that  he's  king
Constantly  dreaming  of  what  more  wealth  will  bring
Live  all  your  life  hurting  your  brothers
Paying  no  regard  to  the  feelings  of  others
You  think  your  superior  because  you  have  money
But  to  those  who  can  see,  your  wit  is  not  funny
But  one  day  like  us  your  going  to  die
Then  you'll  answer  to  god  for  living  your  lie
But  then  its  to  late,  there  is  no  return
The  price  of  your  wealth  is  a  destiny  to  burn !

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