Friday, 1 February 2013

The battle of Shardom

At the Battle of Shardom where five thousand of Lord Heikan's Fifth army were massacred.
On the morning after the battle when Lord Talon walked amongst the fallen bodies, fighting back the tears he spoke these words.

There are no words to describe this….
No words can come close to the bravery of their gallant actions.
No words can express their sacrifice,
No words can explain their pain,
Only tears…just tears for our fallen brothers.
Tears for their loved ones,
Tears for our nation.
They gave everything so we can live,
Let us always remember their courage,
Let us shout their names with pride,
Let the Fifth be remembered throughout  the passages of time,
Let us embrace their sacrifice and know their name with honour,
For they are heroes and examples for all of us,
They are heroes....... for all mankind.

Lord Talon

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