Sunday, 14 October 2012

Monday Morning in the UK

TORY GOVERNMENT now picking on the OLD!
 Over the next five years, pensioners with an income of between £10,000 and £24,000 will be paying an extra £3bn in tax while richer pensioners are left unaffected. So much for this governments electoral pledge 'we are all in this together' Now they are in power that does not seem the case at all, They are attacking the most vulnerable people in our society. Unemployed. Disabled. Elderly. Someone needs to do something and very quick before these jokers we have as a government completely wreck our country.
What was interesting was on the very same day they announced their cuts for pensions we had an announcement from British Gas that they would be raising gas and electricity prices by 6pc. (AGAIN!) They say it is due to the rising cost of wholesale prices which is what they always say, even though they recorded a £345 million profit in the last quarter.
Just heard on the news that Scottish Power are to hike their prices by 9pc. Wonderful. Now watch all the companies do the same. they are making record profits and squeezing the life out of their customers. This government just will not learn! What we need is confidence in the high streets, we need people to start feeling safe to spending money and small to medium sized businesses to feel able to expand, hire extra staff and improve their businesses. I am seriously thinking about trying to become an politician. My slogan will be; 'Standards are falling, Cost of living is rising, we need a change!' 
It sickens me how the average man or women in the UK are completely voiceless, we get stamped on nearly every week and just have to take it. It seems the whole system has been allowed to get way out of control, tax and stealth tax and rising inflation is common practice now. when your cable TV or electric supplier raise their prices you try to complain, see how far it gets you. Or worse you probably will not even merit a reply from these companies.
 The UK feels like it has gone back to the middle ages where they taxed the poor to lavish the rich! We need a Robin Hood! someone to take back what is rightfully ours.
That's an idea!
People Power, let us bring down these greedy over lords, the problem is where do we find the time and money to get this movement going?
We are all too skint or too busy running around like headless chickens just trying to find the money to pay our bills!

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