Sunday, 7 October 2012

Monday Morning in the UK

The Yuppie Conservative boys are ate it again. The Poor are going to get hammered again today. on the news now we are being told that at today's Tory conference plans will be unveiled to cap benefits and housing. Personally I think it is disgusting that the national debt is being put onto the backs of those who are the most vulnerable. When will these idiots realise that there is no money about because of the rising prices that we are asked to pay everyday. I just heard George Osborne saying people who work are outraged at people on benefits! I am sorry but I am outraged at this governments lack of interest in the spiralling cost of everyday living. I am outraged that I have to put £100 a week into my car for fuel and the government get 75% of it in VAT and taxes, I am outraged that every time I park my car I have to pay the local councils a fortune to park. I am outraged at the £250 a month I have to pay in council tax. I am outraged at the never ending increases in fuel bills like gas and electric. And the cost of food rocketing. Something needs to happen in the UK fast, It has become a country where people feel they are being robbed everyday of the week. everyday someone is trying to get their hands in to your pocket. Leave the poor alone and stop blaming everyone else. And stop patronizing us! I am not outraged at the poor lady down the road on benefits whose husband has left her with four children to bring up. I feel sorrow for her and not outraged. lower our taxes and VAT and force the cost of living down. Stop persecuting the weakest people in society and start looking at the shops, supermarkets and energy companies who are reporting record profits month after month by ripping everyone off. If they throw some poor lady off of benefits then how will that help me? Will that put any extra cash in my pocket? No it will not, but cut the fuel duty and the rip off councils and force the food supermarkets to stop increasing their prices. that would be a good start and what a wonderful start to the week that would be to wake up and hear that a government is going to force companies to lower their prices. I do not like waking up on a Monday morning and the first thing I see on the news is the headline ' government to unveil welfare cuts' then have to listen to some posh Chancellorship say he is acting to cut welfare because the public are outraged. I am sorry I am not and I don't like what your doing and I especially do not like you doing it and shouldering the blame on to our backs. Leave the poor people alone, you are a bullying government. forcing people;e further in to poverty is not the solution to curing it.

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