Thursday, 25 October 2012

Krays Not Guilty, Book Two taster

Lenny McLean is enlisted by the Krays to join the Firm in 

Krays Not Guilty Your Honour Book Two, the 70's.

"So how much you going to pay me a week?"
"That can be worked out, are you with us?"
"That is why I am here."
"We want you with us Len, but we want your loyalty."
"If I am with you, then you have just brought the Atom bomb."
"what about the other firms, all your work for them will have to stop."
"That suits me Reg, you pay me, and you got me, lock stock and barrel."
"You're going to be busy Lennie."
"Good, that's just what in want, you just tell me who's got to wont have to tell me twice."
"Then lets have a drink and welcome to the Firm Len."

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