Sunday, 21 October 2012

Another Monday Morning in the glorious UK

So another week has passed us by in London and where are we from last week?
lets start with the Government, those fantastic people who we elected to constantly dream up new idea's to rob us!
I read in the paper yesterday that our chancellor is at it again, this time he is planning to cut Council tax benefit for millions of unemployed and disabled people. basically yet again he is going after the poor to pay more money of which they do not have.
his timing for this is also priceless! on the same day he is hoping to unveil this he will also be introducing a tax cut incentive where over 8000 millionaires will be around £40.000. better off.
Once again a fine example of their motto 
 'We are all in this together.'
George Osborne our chancellor
in his Oxford Bullingdon  Club days.
We used to smash everything up then give a cheque saying, “It’s OK, we can pay for it.” ’that saying is similar to what they are doing now- 'lets smash everything up and let the poor pay for it.'

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David Cameron and Boris Johnson

Another week and once again the governments crusade against the unemployed continues.
This time they have introduced a new set of rules where people will have to jump through dozens of hoops or risk getting their benefits cut fro up to three years.
Minister for Employment Mark Hoban said: "Choosing a life on benefits when you're able to work is not an option. These rules send out a clear message to jobseekers. We will offer them the support they need to find work, but in return for receiving benefits they have responsibilities too. People cannot expect to keep their benefits if they do not hold up their end of the bargain."
There will be three levels of sanctions, ranging from four weeks for a minor offence to three years for serious repeat offenders.
"The new regime is tougher but fairer, and the rules will be clearly explained to all claimants from day one so that they are in no doubt that if they do not comply they will not get their benefit," said the Department for Work and Pensions.
Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union, which represents jobcentre workers, said: "Instead of punishing people for being out of work the Government should take responsibility for the pain and suffering it is causing with its failed austerity policies that we marched against at the weekend.
"With unemployment still high, there are eight people chasing every job vacancy, and many more trapped in part-time, low paid work. No one chooses a life on benefits, but some very wealthy individuals and organisations like Starbucks do choose not to pay their taxes, and they're the ones who should be demonised and pursued."

Why don't they just go the whole hog and make it a crime to be 'Unemployed' it is obvious that is what they want.

Some good news over the last week was that Chelsea Fc are still top of the premiership. we had a fantastic game on Saturday beating Spurs 4-2.
London weather is the same as usual- Rain and wind! 
another stories hitting the headlines in the UK is the racism row again. this topic is a real hot potato and one where many people are terrified to comment on or get involved. this week we have had black footballers refuse to wear 'kick it out' anti racism t-shirts before their football matches on Saturday and Sunday.
So we have another week in glorious Britain in front of us again. let us see what the government get up to  in the next seven days. on a trivial note they should now ditch the official motto of 'We are all in this together' and replace it with. 'Whose life shall we ruin today!'

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