Sunday, 13 January 2013

Zachania Tome Two taster (Coming very soon)

“Brave warrior Lords of Zachania….Brave men of Zachania…tonight we gather together on the verge of history….we gather together on the verge of greatness!...” as Talon finished the word greatness he was suddenly interrupted by the sound of an almighty crash of thunder, so loud it seemed to shake the castle.
“Hopefully that was the gods applauding us!” added Talon smiling as the flash of lightening lit up the room.
“Tonight we gather together on the eve of battle as a group, a group of men that may never be together again….no one here knows what this battle will bring, but what we do know is that this battle will end. On that day when the fighting stops, god willing we will all gather again as a whole…we will rejoice and swap stories of the battle and tales of victory….but if this group does not gather together again as a whole then this gathering now is a time for us to show our respect and admiration to one another…a time to feel the pride flow through your veins because by your side stands your brother, beside you stands the man who will fight to the death for the same dream as you! is a time now for us to be one….one army…one Zachanian nation….time to swear your allegiance for you King….time for us to fight…fight for the freedom and salvation of our loved ones, the honour of our ancestors and the honour of our RIGHT AS FREE MEN!

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