Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Standing up to the big Guys!

Just wondering how many people are sick and tired of the way we are treated by the big companies, the same big companies where our hard earned money makes them exist.
Banks are amongst the worst. I recently closed my account because I was sick and tired by their constant charges. Sometimes in life something happens which we cannot budget for, an electrical problem in the home or some other kind of an emergency.
In my home I had to call out the emergency electrician because of a serious electrical fault, the cost to fix the fault pushed me over what I had in the bank to pay some I contacted the bank and told them what had happened and said I would be a few days late on some of my direct debits and asked them if they could help me out by extending my overdraft a few hundred pounds. they answered NO and told me I would be  incurring charges on my account if the debits were not met. Great, fantastic, so there is the help when you need it.
This week I closed the account so now they will not be getting anything from me again. I am sick and tired of tyrannical rules and regulations and to be honest I don't want another bank account.
As a result of a couple of my direct debits not being met I have also cancelled my SKY satellite TV, the payment was supposed to be taken on the 6th of July but as there was not sufficient enough funds in the bank the debit did not go through. on the 7th of July they suspended my TV viewing, I called them and asked for them to give me a few days and I will call them and pay what I owe, they said fine! when you pay us we will then put your cable TV back on.
I have been a customer of theirs for six years paying around £100 every month and this was the customer loyalty I got from them.
Yesterday I signed up with Virgin TV and will not be paying SKY no more.
We have all been guilty of allowing these big institutions to treat us like dirt for far too long.
me personally will not stand by and give my money over to people who have no value in me as a human being. enough is enough and believe me I have had enough, we should all stand together and boycott these companies. give them one chance and if they continue to treat you badly then throw them out of your life.
On a slightly off topic I have just heard that a petition by the residents of  a council estate in London who are trying to block the use of surface to air missiles on the roofs of their homes for Olympic security have had their petition denied!
So the government is going ahead and placing explosive missiles on the roofs of families, old people and children in the centre of London!
'What a fantastic world we live in!'

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