Thursday, 12 July 2012

Poem of the Day

THE RAT (police informer)

                You sold out your friend to save your own skin
                Your name is now soiled to you and your kin
                You betrayed the trust; you sold out your soul
                Your scheme was successful; you scored your sick goal
                 No one respects you, even your pals the police
                Your life now is running, you’ll never sleep in peace
                 I watched you in court lying to my face
                 Now I’m in prison, preparing my case
                 How could you do it?  You coward, you rat
                 You’re an insect that’s all a bloodthirsty gnat
                 This is my reward for being your mate
                 But id rather be in prison than have your fate.

                                                  One day, one day
                                                  What comes around?
                                                  Goes around!

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