Friday, 29 March 2013

I was your friend

The Eagle

The eagle flies high above their heads
Below him are the ravens and crows
As time goes by the eagle befriend the birds flying below him.
He flies above them every day and they are of help to him as they show him where to find food
As the eagle swoops he captures his prey and shares what is left with the crows
At first all is well until the crows start to wish they were eagles
They bicker and become resentful; they pretend they are friends with the eagle just so they can take what they can.
Soon the eagle begins to see their betrayal, he is too wise not to,
Below him the crows are scheming and trying to find ways to copy the eagle
But the eagle just looks, he laughs to himself as he knows he doesn’t need them.
He befriended them because he wanted to, not because he needed them.
The eagle then tries to remind the crows that they are just crows, he swoops above their heads at blistering speed where he shows them his magnificence, he even captures another prey and allows them the fruit of his deed, just in the hope they can remain friends.
But there is no stopping the crows now, they are full of envy and greed, they are no longer interested in friendship, all they want is to be is the eagle.
The eagle has two choices; does he swoop and attack the crows that have grown fat from his labour and show them that can never be what he is?
Again the eagle is too wise for this, why should he attack and risk injury, why should he lower himself to attack the crows who exist in the sky below him.
The eagle needs no one, he will just fly away and find somewhere else to feed and in doing so he sends a stark message to the crows……
You are all just crows, and that is all you will ever be.


  1. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

  2. Thank you Sass, I have just nominate you for the Leibster Blog Award.
    Its great fun...Take a look!