Friday, 7 December 2012

Zachania Tome two taster

Coming soon Zachania tome two.

King Arun suddenly felt a chill come over him as he wondered what this man before him was trying to say, Arun swallowed deeply and asked Taska what he meant, hoping that the answer  would not be the one he was silently fearing.
“The princess is our prisoner; she is with forty of my men, we took her in Zachra the night you left the palace.”
“Do I? Did you not have a great celebration on the day you left? Did you not sneak away from the palace? Does your sister not have green eyes?”
King Arun suddenly felt sick, he blew hard as he started to fear what he was hearing was true.
“That is my demand to you king! Obey it or she loses her lovely head, and you can be assured that my forty hungry men will use her for entertainment before they slice her to pieces, just before they give her to one hundred Degrains.”
King Arun winced hard as he was engulfed with rage, suddenly without no indication he jumped forward, but before he could reach Taska he was quickly grabbed by Lord Zalon and a couple of soldiers, the King shouted furiously as he tried to free himself , trying with all his strength to get to the laughing Taska, “I WILL KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND!” he screamed delirious.

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