Friday, 24 August 2012

A speech from 'The diaries of Lord Talon'

Who amongst you brave men would rather be elsewhere.
Who amongst you would not be by my side as we face death?.
Who amongst you would swap consequence? .
Who amongst you would exchange such creation of honour?.
Who amongst you would exchange this day for safety.
Who amongst you would wish not to be the envy of our Zachanian kin?.
Who amongst you is not going to be remembered as a hero of Zachania.
Who amongst you would swap glory for slumber?.
I look into your eyes and I see fire...
I see the Zachanian spirit soon to become ravenous.
This party of men...this army of zachanians will make history.
Together we stand at the precipice of immortality.
Forever to be remembered as the bravest of the brave.
Forever to be the envy of those men who were not here.
Forever to be the standard of how men are judged.
Our bravery will be written about for centuries.
Men will say your name with honour and admiration.
Scholars will write about you...actors will play you..Women and children will dream about you.
Now who amongst you would wish to ELSEWHERE?.......

Zachania the diaries of Lord Talon the Zararhakzar
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